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An Itinerary (Kind Of)

I like to imagine what-if scenarios for myself. The scenarios spread across vast genres, and are usually dependent on whatever that I'm doing at certain points. Since I've been watching a considerable pile of anime of late, most of my what-ifs are dangerously (?) skewed towards life in a different universe. Not to say that it's anything bad. On the contrary, all that imagination has been translated into several articles. School life, classmates, friends, love, rejection, monsters (?)...the possibilities are endless. I would like to think that having a wild, open imagination does miraculous wonders to one's well-being. Anyway, my latest (?) imagination would probably remind some people of a weirdly customised salad at the bar.

If I had an opportunity to spend several days of vacation in Japan, I would first head over to Chiba, and hopefully I would be able to catch Team Sohoku training on their road racers. An old bicycle would probably be lying around somewhere (?), tempting me to stalk (?) the team with it. Of course, that wouldn't be remotely possible since I'm far worse than Onoda Sakamichi in terms of athletic abilities. Anyway, a quick glimpse of the team would be sufficient.

The next destination would be Iwatobi, where news of its up and coming swim club acing the local relay tournament has attracted considerable attention. The school canteen might be selling the famous (declared by Hazuki Nagisa) 400-yen 'Iwato-Big Surprise Bread' to commemorate the occasion. Oh, if I could spot Nagisa in the crowd, I would so want his autograph! Maybe he would sign his name on the bread or something. That would be kind of hilarious. If I had more free time (pun absolutely intended), I might just tag along for one of their sessions.

After some sports-watching, perhaps it would be nice to let my hair (it's short, but yeah...) down for a bit at Black Stones' live performance. I'm quite a fan of Oosaki Nana, even though her music style takes some time to get accustomed to. I wonder if any of the band members would be able to notice me if I could shout loud enough in the midst. My favourite song of the Black Stones is 'rose'! "I need your love...I'm a broken rose..." Does their manager need another assistant? Oh well, nobody in their right minds would dare hire a tourist.

There's word that a famous idol had suddenly retired at the peak of her music career, and transferred to an agriculture school down at the countryside for her studies. While I've got no intention of becoming part of the paparazzi, I'm still a little curious about her unconventional choice. That aside, I've found out that there's a notoriously voluptuous student who goes by the nickname of Boing. The fresh air at the countryside would be ideal for a change. I wouldn't mind the mud and the sand. I could help harvest the tomatoes.

If there's still enough time (come to think of it, just how long is a few days?), I might want to visit Rabbit House and order one of its specialty coffees. Maybe I would try Blue Mountain or something. I wonder if I could pet the talking rabbit as well. After that, it would probably be straight to the airport. Before I board the plane, I think that I would buy a copy of Aito-sensei's manga to read during the long flight home.

Does the itinerary above seem too far-fetched? It would be really awesome if I could do all those stuff! What would you put on your itinerary?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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