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Dagashi Kashi Season 2

I used to love candy when I was a kid. To say that I had a sweet tooth was a gross understatement. Today, I'm still game for a good dessert after a meal or the occasional chocolate bar but pouring truckloads of what is essentially flavoured and coloured sugar into my mouth does not sound as fun when you're an adult, as cliche as it is. Dagashi Kashi's first season suffered from that very problem of over-saturation, as much as I enjoyed it at the time. The gags and history lessons regarding the various Japanese candies could only provide so much entertainment and it was up to the cast - mainly Hotaru, Kokonotsu, Saya and Tou - to keep the show from tanking. I was pleasantly surprised when a second season was announced, in a shorter format (12 minutes instead of the usual 20-odd minutes) to boot.

The shorter format has led to a faster paced show, something which I'm enjoying very much. The story progresses a lot quicker, the gags have better timing and it isn't just filled to the brim with scenes where Hotaru attempts to challenge Kokonotsu in a bid for him to take over Shikada Dagashi. Introduced in the second half, the plot in this season is a lot more interesting. A convenience store has been set up in Kokonotsu's town, bundled with an overly enthusiastic manager, signalling the demise of his family's candy store. The fresh faces and new challenge for Kokonotsu and gang is a sight for sore eyes, changing up the formula which has been beaten to death from the first season and the first half of the second one.

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the updated character designs, but this is due to the change in studios rather than the character designer attempting to be cheeky. A similar situation happened previously with Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, but with better results. On the bright side, the animation has not taken a turn for the worse and I still prefer these designs over the manga's ones. The shorter format also means that the changes aren't that noticeable, compared to other anime that swapped studios.

All in all, Dagashi Kashi's second season is a great watch, especially if you're strapped for time - like myself this season. It's much like the first episode, except in a package that's easy to digest. The first season should've used this format instead but hindsight is 20/20. Each episode is a breeze and I'm actually eager for what the next episode entails instead of just what snack or sweet it'll feature.

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