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Wedding Songs

Quite some time ago, I received an invitation from an acquaintance who will be walking down the aisle with her beloved at the end of the month. It was really nice of them to include me in their guest list, because I've not known them for long. Weddings are generally still blissful despite the chaos and such during the extensive preparations. The anticipation of seeing the newlyweds trying to remain calm in front of the congregation and declaring their vows never tires out in my opinion. Of course, a lot of couples choose to hold simple receptions as they are much easier to manage in many aspects. I would think that being hassle-free is more favourable among the younger generation. Some even do away with just a registration of marriage. In any case, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the couple's lives. This article will showcase a few of my favourite wedding songs. Shall we proceed?

♪ Can You Celebrate? by Amuro Namie (19th February 1997)
'Can You Celebrate?' is Namie's best-selling single, topping the charts with over two million copies sold since its release. I first knew of this song from 'Virgin Road', a 1997 television drama starring Wakui Emi and Sorimachi Takashi. Then, I had an opportunity to catch Namie's live rendition of the song in the 49th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. It was especially memorable as Namie teared up midway during her performance. The original mix of 'Can You Celebrate' features Komuro Tetsuya on his signature piano as well as backup vocals by a gospel choir. A brand new recording featuring violinist Hakase Tarou was released as part of Namie's latest best album 'Ballada' (4th June 2014). I've got to say that Namie sounds a lot better in the new version of the song. The white gown that she wore in the music video is stunning.

♪ Say Yes by Chage & Aska (24th July 1991)
This timeless number spent 13 consecutive weeks at the #1 spot of the Oricon weekly charts. 'Say Yes' became an international sensation thanks to the eternal love story of Tatsurou and Kaoru in the cult drama series '101 kaime no Propose' (The 101st Proposal) starring Takeda Tetsuya and Asano Atsuko. The song conveys the affirmative love between the couple who is about to take their relationship to the next level. The little bridge that goes "Don't hesitate (to) Say Yes...don't hesitate." further reiterates the commitment to the beloved no matter what the circumstances are. It brings me back to the finale where a fully-donned Kaoru ran across the streets to where Tatsurou was taking a break from his manual job, and asked him to take her and his bride despite Tatsurou's condition. Kaoru had finally acknowledged that her love for Tatsurou was just as certain.

♪ Butterfly by Kimura Kaera (1st June 2009)
Unlike the previous two songs which are a lot more solemn in nature, Kimura Kaera's 'Butterfly' is extremely upbeat and fun with cute, dreamy lyrics that are reflective of a newlywed's happiness. Incidentally, Kimura Kaera wrote this song as a present for her dear friend who was getting married and had wanted the former to perform at the wedding. The lyrics also reflect on the friendship between the girls. Kaera had playfully described her friend as a butterfly with white wings bound by a red string. The white wings probably represent the bride's wedding gown. 'Butterfly' was only released as a digital single, and downloads peaked at more than two million.

Now, I wonder what song the couple will use for their wedding at the end of the month. Quite unfortunately, I've yet to attend a wedding where a Japanese song is played. Not that I've got anything against songs of other languages, but it would be nice to listen to a Japanese number for a change.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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