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One Piece: Cora-san

It's no secret that I am a huge One Piece fan. It's not even a secret that I probably bawl my eyes out more times over One Piece than anything else. I cried when Luffy yelled to Chopper that he was their nakama. I cried over a goddamn 2-dimensional ship (Going Merry's funeral). When Ace died, and til this day I get the sniffles when I see pictures of him. I still skip over the Marineford arc whenever I reread One Piece. I also cried during Bink's Sake. I'm not a very emotional person, but Oda sensei blasts that fact into outer space. He should consider registering for the Guinness World Record of making the most number of people cry since 1997.

So you see, it's not surprising to think I have reached my quota of reading blurrily because tears are clouding my vision. Except... breaking hearts seem to come naturally to Oda sensei... Be warned, the rest of my article contains spoilers and tears. A lot of tears. A full-blown tsunami of sad emotions from me.

The cause of my tears

For a long time before this, we've had hints of Law's past with Doflamingo. He's hellbent on revenge, but we never knew for what. Finally at the end of chapter 749 we found out the reason why, and I was so frustrated because after that there was a two week break since Oda sensei had a tonsillitis operation!

When Law's flashback started, that was where I started to fall apart... To see Law as a child, predicting his own death was plain awful, not to mention having him serve under Doflamingo and his sinister smirking. On the other hand, after Corazon started talking to Law, even though I was really happy that he was starting to protect Law, I couldn't help but feel melancholy because I knew it was going to end in tragedy.

Law stabbing Corazon. Yet Corazon didn't tell anyone.

Corazon was so, so kind. His clumsiness was endearing. Despite his calling of his biological brother a monster, I felt like deep down he wanted to save Doflamingo from being any more of a tyrant he was. He even took it upon himself to find a cure for Law. The despairing look on his face when Law gave up on himself, his anger at the way a young child had to be ostracized, even the guilt he felt at making Law remember his tragic loss due to the amber lead poisoning, honestly, I was already crying that chapter.

This is the exact panel that ruined me T_T

(Let's be real, at this point I'm already typing this through tear-clouded vision.)

Even though it was only a few chapters we saw Law and Corazon interact in, I could tell Law was doted on, as much as possible despite his unfortunately twisted childhood, and it's all thanks to Corazon. Man, the feels I had when Law finally called Corazon Cora-san! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug them both tightly.

There are so many other things that contribute to my love for Corazon. His lying to Law about being a Marine because he didn't want to be hated, risking his life to get the Ope-Ope fruit, always smiling for Law, eventually sacrificing himself, and even then refusing to die because he needed to use his own devil fruit powers to protect Law... And most of all when he admitted that he loved Law.

Are you crying? Because I am.

I'm not sure if it has been pointed out before, but Law's Jolly Roger sure looks like Corazon's smile. He also started the Heart Pirates, and despite their rocky start came to acknowledge Corazon as his benefactor. And I think I'd like to thank Corazon too. Thank you for giving your all to protecting a young, misguided child, for saving him, for being able to selflessly work towards the greater good.

As embarrassing it is to be crying over One Piece again, I will gladly cry over Corazon. No, Donquixote Rocinante. He truly was a hero to me.

Thank you artist-san for this beautiful image

Oda sensei, I hope you'll give me something to pick up the shattered remains of my heart with your next chapter. Cue another waterfall of tears.

Written by (a very emotional) Nana

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