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STGCC 2015: Media Preview

It was a confusing morning, and pretty well into the early afternoon. For the average Singaporean who could be defined across varied standards, the notion of being thrown in the middle of the road less travelled may be well intimidating. In my case, the morning started with a stuffy train ride to the heart of Marina Bay, and a hundred-metre dash (kind of) up the escalator to the train bound for...I don't remember. Nonetheless, I knew just exactly where my destination was, though it was merely the station to alight and not quite everything else. I was at Bayfront, preparing to move into the depths of Marina Bay Sands.

Let me tell you just how confusing the interiors of Marina Bay Sands could be. On a scale of one to ten, assuming that the self-defined average Singaporean falls on a five regarding the probability of getting lost inside the vast architecture, the estimated time needed to get to one's desired location may range from a good half-hour to the end of time. And nope, I'm not being sarcastic here. That was pretty much how long it took for the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe to enter my field of vision. Thankfully, my dishevelment was largely unnoticed even in the midst of a growing turnout.

Yeah, I was at the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) Media Preview which was held at the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe in Marina Bay Sands. The theme restaurant complemented nicely what was the focus of the said event: Three personalities graced the little makeshift stage, complete with their unique, sometimes quirky traits that livened up the atmosphere of the restaurant. To be really honest, I'm definitely more inclined towards Japanese instead of the Western stuff, so for the most parts of the event I wasn't soaking in as much as I wished. But I still took away quite a bit from this whole experience.  

The three guests were Adam Hughes, Huck Gee and Stella Chuu respectively, and all were visiting Singapore for their first time. The intended combination didn't quite come across as fitting, even though for a while I was a little mesmerised by Stella's elaborate costume which well complemented her assets and personality. While I know that it is common to have East meet West in pop culture and such, I would still very much prefer to have certain elements on their own. Even Stella's wonderful costume couldn't lend a little saving grace as the atmosphere was after all still concentrated on the Western counterpart.

The preview opened with an elaborate introduction of this year's STGCC. The upcoming convention will be its biggest to date, with many artists, designers and such in Singapore for their first time. One of the sponsors shared some insights on the latest collector's items available. One of them is the 1/4 Ghost Rider figure.

Another highlight of the preview was a live sketching session by Adam Hughes. Well, it was more of a 'finishing' session as he had been working on the piece for quite some time. According to Adam, the sketch was started for a fan, and it should be completed over the weekend at the convention. His wife also shared the creative process. The media were encouraged to get up close and have a better look at Adam's sketch. It was indeed impressive.  

Stella also kindly gave the media the opportunity to take pictures of her in that gorgeous costume. I wasn't able to take a frontal shot due to my position so this will have to do!

After the panel interview and such, the media preview pretty much concluded with a small luncheon and more photo-taking. As I'm really not a superheroes enthusiast, I didn't explore deeper into the theme restaurant. However, I had Superman to pose a bit for me!

What is left for us to look forward to is the actual two-day convention! I'm pretty excited, and this time I should be able to focus on what I really love! Who else is attending? :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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