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How I spend my Christmas Night...

Merry Christmas to you all!

By the time this is out, most of us would have already finished celebrating. How was it? Did you enjoy your time? Was it with family or friends? Did you get lots of presents? Mind sharing some with me? Haha…

Christmas was one of the days where I am able to take a break from my final year as it is a public holiday. I thought to actually spending it at home, immersing myself with anime and manga but I decided to go outdoors and catch up with an old friend from secondary school. We both met up at Marina Bay Sands around 6 so we had some time to spend for ourselves in the morning to late afternoon.

We then decided to sit and talk at the steps near the water’s edge being overlooked by the skyscrapers.

It was a pleasant evening catching up on what each of us has been doing. My friend is currently in the midst of creating an Otome game, which surprised me, as I never knew he was the type to like Japanese media as he took inspiration from playing Persona 3. He is still in the beginning phase of creating it with a close friend. It made me kind of happy and yet at the same time jealous of him as he has a dream and is working towards it. He knows what he wants to do. I on the other hand find myself to be fickle. I had dreams of what I want to become but it didn’t really work out well for me. But I still do have hope of realizing it.

We talk about our crush in secondary school, the people we hangout with, the people we made fun of and what would we be like in 7 years time at our class reunion. I probably have forgotten most of their names already. I feel older than I look.

A three-year gap really changes everything you know. It makes you feel that you’ve live under some rock. It really scares me. To find out that a former classmate passed away was heavy. You just can’t register and react to it. I felt really bad not hearing any news about it.

We laugh and joke around so much in secondary school and looking back at it feels surreal. Those times were so much fun and yet depressing. At times I’ll be thinking why did I even do that or why didn’t I do that. You just regret a lot of stuff. We were young and dumb back then. I was really dumb back then, causing trouble, worrying my parents and almost getting expelled for it. I would really want to redo it again. To redo my life by making better choices.

But I wouldn’t be here if I never made those choices so I’m slightly glad that I chose them. I’ve been rambling on for a while, let’s get back on topic.

We talked through the evening and was then greeted by a busker singing. We listened to her singing for a while before moving closer as part of the audience. Her name is Berry Ni. 

She was singing a few Christmas songs and other pop songs. Her voice is really nice. Her cover of John Legend’s All of Me was really sweet to listen to. There were quite a number of people watching her sing. Some couples and a few families stop and listen to her. 

She was also selling her album as she sang for the crowd. It set a wonderful tone to my night. It is also kind of a new experience for me listening to people singing in public places at night similar to a few anime that I’ve watched before like Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~

We then went through The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to get to the MRT to travel back. 

Before we separated for our homes, we visited the supermarket to pick up some groceries for both the night and tomorrow.

I met a few friends down at my block where one was returning from a Christmas dinner while the other from the hospital, visiting his recently born niece.

I then made a late night dinner as I didn’t ate from afternoon. 

A combination of the Samyang Foods Buldalk Bokkeummyeon and Indomie Mi Goreng. 

Add a few turkey bacon strips and...
The result was delectable. And to finish it off, was vanilla yoghurt. The sour taste followed by sweetness of vanilla is irresistible.

So that was my Christmas or at least half a day of it. It is different than how I used to spend it, watching anime at home wrapped in a blanket. A lonely Christmas… Well, Happy New Year in a few days time…

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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