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3DS: Fire Emblem Awakening

Welcome back my fellow nerds! 

I recently bought Fire Emblem: Awakening, and I am absolutely loving it. I've also played Shadow Dragon and Sacred Stones, but I think I stopped halfway through for Shadow Dragon. 

If you don't already know, the Fire Emblem series is a tactical RPG, where every decision you make will cost you. It is turn based, where you will move your characters within a grid map. There are different classes, and each class has different strengths and weakness, so careful selection of units before you enter the map is a must. If one of your units die in battle, they remain dead for the rest of the game, and all items they hold are lost. 

In Sacred Stones, some characters are able to establish support with other characters, which makes for some very interesting dialogue. Awakening, although keeping with the support system, has some new and different features. 

First off, Awakening comes with a Casual mode, which means that units who have fallen in battle no longer stay dead. They get revived after the battle ends. This is very very good news for me, since I cannot live with the fact that I will lose a character, and will soft reset the game every time I lose a unit. I would say that with this feature it is also easier for me to level up the weaker characters, since I can just play another map if they die.

Another new feature is the Avatar. In Awakening, you can actually create and Avatar, and the options are not at all limited. After choosing your gender, you can also further customize your avatar's build, eye shape, hairstyle, and hair color. The build comes in three different types, which I name the Chibi, the Teen, and the Adult. Of course, I believe they're all adults, but the Chibi is cute and small, the Teen is taller but still flat shaped, and the Adult is more well endowed. 

Note that I'm talking about the Female Avatar, because that's the one I picked. I originally picked a Male Avatar, but for reasons I will state later, I reset the game to pick the Female instead. So yes, while the hair color range is the same for all the three builds, the hairstyles and eye shapes differ. 

So if you picked the Chibi, you can expect the hairstyles to be of the younger sort, and the Adult to have the more mature type hairstyles. Same goes for the Male choices. Although I have to say the Adult Male kinda looks like a Lumberjack to me. On my first play, I picked the Chibi Male (He isn't as overly cute as the Female) because he had a hairstyle I really liked, hurhur. For the Female one, I picked the Teen. 

adult male i think
Right, so on to why I reset my game and picked the Female instead of the Male. Another new feature of Awakening is that you can actually get your characters to marry! Ain't that cool? Let's see here..

"Characters, while battling together, have the ability to develop emotional ties to one another.[9] Some characters are even able to pair up and have children. The player-created Avatar is able to pair up and marry, eventually having children who can join in the battle."

Before playing the game, I did not google it up, and when I realised I could marry in game, I just had to reset to a Female so I could marry the male main character. If you play as a Male, you can marry a female in game, but for me, meh. 

So, according to well experienced players, the children of your paired units are able to receive one skill from each parent, which can potentially make the children super overkill if you paired them right. You can only have a total of 13 children, though I think 13 is plenty enough, You can always follow one of the online children charts if you want.  

If you play as a Male, you only have one child, but playing as a Female gives you two children. You also have to make sure that if you play as a Female, you have to up your support with Chrom (the main dude) before chapter 13 as he gets married then. 

my kids.. so proud. /sniffles
So, moving on to the classes.

"The game also features a class system, where different classes possess different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The player can change the characters' classes, as seen in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Upon reaching a certain level, units can promote to a new class, and the player can select between branching choices. There are over 40 classes available in the game. Characters can have up to five skills at one time, with surplus skills held in the character's skill bank. The game features a new option to perform a Dual Strike attack with a supporting character. Adjacent characters also have a chance of performing a Dual Guard, a defensive technique which cancels out an enemy's attack altogether.."

Super awesome. As of now I'm actually more than halfway through the game, but I have just started a new one thanks to forgetting that other characters can also marry to each other. I need all 13 children dammit! Also I made a few wrongs choices and then saved, so.. Might as well.

Ugh, all that time wasted because of a wrong save. Remember to always check before you save!

Nerd out and back to Fire Emblem I go!

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