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3DS: 7th Dragon VFD

Hello my nuggets~

Remember how I was saying that I might purchase Code: VFD? Well, I caved and bought it. And I didn’t buy the second-hand version either, I went and bought the retail one that cost me seventy bucks! I finished the PSP one, and at that point in time no one was selling second-hand, and being the impatient bugger that I am, I went and bought the retail one.

It took a little while to find it too, the smaller shops didn’t carry that title, so I had to look around a bit before finally getting my hands on it. The package comes with the game, and an artbook, and a couple of other items. Considering the artwork is real pretty, I didn’t quite mind it. However, if you’re the sort that doesn’t collect but rather buy, play, then sell... Just get the game will do.

the tokyo rep is sooooo dreamy
So, as usual, we have the Dragons coming to earth and destroying everything in their wake, and when the 7th and final Dragon arrives, that will signal the end of humanity forever. To avoid that, we need to collect the specimens of the other 6 True Dragons, to complete something called the Dragon Chronicle, which will enable you to destroy the final boss and save humanity. You'll need to travel to three different timelines to achieve that, Atlantis, Tokyo, Eden. Past, Present, Future. 

That’s the basis of it, similar to 2020, but yeah, let’s get right down to it! Again, customisable characters are the best and the worst thing. I took forever to decide! Not to mention that you only get a few choices at the start, but as you go along, more avatar designs are unlocked. My aesthetic matchup consisted of the designs that could only be unlocked in the later portion, so I was getting a heck of a headache choosing.

It took a bit of googling to realise that you can actually just change the design of your character without ENTIRELY creating a new one, so the customisable process got a hell lot easier. (go have some fun playing with the designs here)

In 2020, where you only have one playable team, VFD has you managing three different teams. New character designs are unlocked midgame and near endgame, and that is also the time when new team slots are given.

This is a pain everywhere because this also means that all three teams will not be the same level unless I remove members from the other teams and grind the later additions to reach the same level. While having three teams is good, because they provide buffs to the current playable team, at certain points in the game, your three teams are automatically split up to play solo, and again, the other teams don’t get the exp.

left: Fortuner
male: Samurai
middle: GodHand

For my main team, I went with Fortuner, Samurai, and GodHand. The avatar designs changed quite a bit when I received the other designs, but they are the final ones in my main and fav team.

The second and third team avatar designs are mixed because I couldn’t pick any more favourites, but here are the ones I did choose~ The second team held an Agent, RuneKnight, and Duelist. The last team a Banisher, Mage, and Fortuner.

Three teams mean nine characters, but there are only eight classes, so there’s going to be a repeat. I doubled the Fortuner as that was my favourite class, because the weapon is a scythe!! The skillset is pretty amazing too, so no harm done there.

Your navigator here is this super annoying brat who I just want to slap every time she speaks, but she’s an important character with a super sob story background. Still annoying though.

remember them!
Some characters from 2020 make another appearance here in VFD, but there is a new feature in the Skylounge where you can sort of go on dates with the other characters! You can either pick from your team members or from the other NPCS. I personally didn’t feel the need to hang with my team mates, I do every time we head out to battle, but it’s really cute to interact with the other NPCS! 

You get an ID card after certain quests, which will then allow you to call them up for dates. You can date them a total of three times, and each time is unlocked after you pass a certain stage in the game. So you can’t just consecutively date them.

Overall, game play is similar to 2020, storyline a little different, but I’d say the selling point is the customisable characters, and the super cute artwork. Not much difference from playing 2020, but avatars are cuter.
10/10 would recommend~
Righty then, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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