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Love Live!! School Idol Festival (EN): Worst Event Ever? + Event Wrap-up (Hanamaru + You)

This is probably going to go down as one of the worst events on EN SIF for a while, only losing to a previous Honoka event by a faction. For what reasons? I'll talk about that later. For now, let's look at the game mechanics.

A token event this time round, with Hanamaru being points and You being tiers. Not anything new for us lovelivers, we just have to collect the tokens (sunflowers) to play the event song (Tokimeki Bunruigaku). The song itself is terribly easy and many are able to perform a full combo on their first try, evidence out there for all on Reddit's forum.

Here's a brief run through of the tiers and rewards you can get from event points, tiers, and song ranking. As usual, I'm only focusing on the notable rewards, in this case, the scouting tickets and the SRs.

This event runs for about 9 days, and was essentially a gem field for me as I still had a lot of cards to bond from the previous event and scouting in between events, and thank Klab for 6 extra gems because they finally gave out Promo UR Hanayo!
Finally, I'd say. After holding off on Hanayp's token event (Loving You), her Christmas UR scout (probably the next set after dancer) for so long and making all Hanayo fans cry and rage, you are finally giving her Promo card out! Kudos, Klab!

So yes, here we have Hanayo in her full glory. I have her max bonded shortly after taking this screenshot but she remains in my memberlist as my smile team is BiBi-centered and Hanayo is well... Printemps.
Two or three days into the event and I have acquired my first copy of Hanamaru SR. I must admit that she is absolutely adorable, even though the amount of yellow and sunflowers on the idolised form scares me a little. Still, yellow is her image color so it all fits well.

Being one of my two best girls, Hanamaru's event is one that I would have to T1 in and frankly I'm glad she's points. You is actually one of my girls in the bottom-half list and frankly, I don't really care what tier I end up for her in. My aim for this event? 50k points to get all the rewards because the 3rd copy of Maru-chan is at  
In this event, I managed to get 20 N stickers also and that means... seal idolisation! This Nico is a really ancient one that I managed to pull from Blue tickets in the past. She's cute but the art just screams "old".

She's definitely cute and a Smile Bibi, but no, she's not going to make it into my team. I have enough stamina from my URs in there.
Juggling my final exams with SIF is tough and it took me quite a while to grind to this level. It is nothing amazing of course, but an achievement for my self all the same. Next reward is the third copy of Maru-chan!

And this, is when all shit goes downhill for this event. Remember when I was talking about this in the very first paragraph of this post? Probably not, so here's it quoted again.
This is probably going to go down as one of the worst events on EN SIF for a while, only losing to a previous Honoka event by a faction.
So what is that whole issue with the Honoka event? The Honoka event started with 9 days (meaning 8.5 days-ish since the event doesn't exactly start and end at midnight) and it had a 9 hour maintenance right smack in the middle of the event for a version update for a version update that didn't do anything great in my memory. After which, there were a lot of transmission errors which led to an emergency maintenance again. A lot of time for the event was wasted on this and there as no extension of the event at all.

For the current Hanamaru+You event, we start off with a messup on Klab part on the event limited Printemps scouting box. The newly added dancer cards (UR Kotori and SR Honoka and Hanayo), were not added into the box. 

With tons of complaints sent in regarding this, they decided to return all the gems spent scouting in the box and the players get to keep their scouted cards too. If you scouted and managed to draw URs from it, kudos (because everyone loves some free URs). I didn't scout in the box because I was saving up for Christmas Carol Eli so... meh.

The second issue that occurs is that there was a transmission error message after all live shows (including LP and event song), resulting in a loss of LP and tokens when you were forced to restart your app after the song ends.

This issue persisted for 6 hours before Klab (finally woke up and started work) and started their 4 hour maintenance. As a token of apology, they gave out 4 gems to all players and 1 to those who played live shows (no matter how many you played, just 1 gem refund) and for those who refilled LP, they get all the gems used for refill back, and they get to keep their LP. Furthermore, all tokens used are returned and the event was extended by a day.
5 sweet gems. I see what you did there, Klab... why didn't you extend the event for Honoka too? Playing favorites? (Klab probably hated Honoka before they turned against Hanayo).

But thanks to the extension, I managed to get 50k points without using anymore gems. Though, I used about 22 gems in total for this event, which is an average of 11 per girl, so that's well worth than for single events before. 
The after-event maintenance took a grand 5 hours and ended only at 9pm. Sadly, I didn't end up in T1 with the massive rush for T1 after the in-event maintenance. Here are the tiers for the event.
 Tier 1 at 61353.
 Tier 2 at 39739. That point gap.
 Tier 3 at 21793. Congrats to those who T3 for a copy of You-chan!

I never thought You-chan was into weight training. What on earth happened to high diving and her ambitions of being a captain?

And for the Special side, we have a little part for my scouts in event. First, is my Blue Tickets scouting. With the upcoming update (already in JP SIF) where the URs and SSRs skills will have a boost to win over the score-based skill up set (Cheerleader Umi, etc.).

To score up my smile UR, I would need a smile UR boost and the only ones for that is Nico's mother and Honoka's mother. I had 4 scouting tickets and scouted all 4 to give me SR Fumiko (Pure), SR Hideko (Cool) and another SR Hideko (Cool) before getting UR Nico's mother (Smile). I didn't take screenshots because I only intended to scout once. Thank god for impulses.

 Feeding Nico's mother to my Maki UR...
And she goes to skill level boost with a 50 point score up from 800 to 850! After the update for boost, I'm pretty sure she will be at 1200+ point score up instead of a mere 850. Yay!!
These are the support cards I have left. So little, my heart hurts ;w;

I also scouted several times in this event, a total of 10 gems from the 1st year box and 2 tickets from the Dancer Rin scout:

Nico, why?
I always wanted this Honoka. She looks so cute and bubbly unidolised!

And then a couple of friend point scouts because I can.

Of the new rare set, I get a Maki and another copy of her in a later scout. I swear Maki is always my first idolisation for every rarity... except UR. In either case, I got a Hanayo from the same R set later so I guess Maki isn't the only one anymore! (Yes my account is MakiNico-blessed... or cursed, as you have it).
Finally, I scouted a ticket for UR Yukata Mari. I knew I wouldn't get her (because RNG) but I wanted at least a Yukata card because I love traditional style clothing. And of course, Chika has to appear and ruin it all D:

Still, a SR is a SR. She'll help boost my team in future Aqours events -- 10% up get!

~ Reina-rin
In case my fangirling over cards on SIF still hasn't confirmed my rankings of Love Live Girls for you,
Kotori=Nozomi > Honoka > Hanayo > Umi > Maki > Rin > Eli > Nico
Riko=Hanamaru > Mari > Yohane > Kanan = You = Chika > Ruby > Dia 
(and Kanan, You and Chika are in a complicated relationship now).

It's still all pretty much fluid, especially for Aqours. They colors signify LoveLikeNeutralMildDislikeHate. Hope that clears up why I play seriously for some events and not for others, and am getting fed-up with my Nico-cursedblessed account.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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