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A Letter To Midousuji

Dear Midousuji,

Congratulations. You have finally overestimated your abilities in the Inter-High tournament. Self-absorption is harmful in the long run, didn't anybody inform you of that? You haven't had the slightest idea how severe the damage could be, and merely continued pedalling like a monstrous lunatic along the curves and such. I happen to agree with a handful of spectators - you are the gross one, not your opponents. I mean, you don't even value your own team members. In your eyes, everybody else is a pawn.

Frankly, watching your episode has little effect on my impression of you. I know that you probably don't give a bull about criticisms and opinions since those were never in your field of concern anyways. Nonetheless, your streak of winnings is just a page off the archives. The truth is, the Inter-High is still about teamwork. Your personal gain does nothing to propel Kyoto Fushimi to where it deserves to be. I'm so glad that your opponents have finally destroyed your confidence towards the remaining few metres of the second day.

It has been said that athletes have great teeth, or at least that was what your mother had told you. Your mother was a beautiful soul. Even during times of pain and discomfort, she would continue to encourage you with a smile. Your mother said that you would make a great athlete despite your lack of athleticism in most sports. However, I'm not sure if she would feel proud knowing about your manipulative personality for the purpose of attaining personal glory. What your mother wanted to see was the growth of a true athlete in her son. Then again, that isn't any of my concern to intrude. I wish the episode was about something else though.

Who could ever forget the cruel tactics that you played on Imaizumi-kun and Shinkai-san in the previous season? Winning isn't everything, however the traumatic experience had triggered a rather frightening character from Imaizumi-kun who had initially thought of nothing but beating everybody else in his way. Yet unlike you, Imaizumi-kun understands the importance of teamwork and the sheer fact that there are some things which he is unable to achieve on his own. Team Sohoku has come a very long way, whether you acknowledge it or not. Hakone isn't to be messed around with either.

I believe that you will be crossing paths with Onoda-kun again pretty soon. Onoda-kun is the unpredictable force that never fails to intrigue others. Then again, he could easily become another pest in your eyes. Perhaps you have already got something up your sleeve? Onoda-kun isn't somebody who would easily suspect others of anything. You probably don't come across as a threat to him because of that. Anyway, Onoda-kun is an otaku you have a favourite manga or anime? His favourite series is Love Hime.

Honestly, just how much wider could those eyes of yours stretch across the face? I don't know if I'm the only person who thinks that underneath all those skin actually hides a gruesome monster from outer space. Of course, I know that I'm being rude by saying that but I'm sure it doesn't bother you a tiny bit. I mean, you even sleep with your eyes wide open! Anyway, that makes an antagonist a lot more identifiable. Your limbs are so flexible. Do you practice yoga or something? Nope, I'm not praising you. Then again, it is a miracle that I'm actually dedicating a letter to you. There must be something in that coffee. Oh well, whatever.

Like it or not, I know that I will be seeing you again anyway. Meanwhile, just get a grip of yourself.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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