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Mugiho Bakery

It's time to sprinkle a little (more) sweetness in the air if nobody had any sweets of sorts lately. For the serial sweet tooth or anybody who doesn't mind the occasional sugary treats, I would like to share a fine little patisserie that was revealed to me pretty much by accident since my pathetic knowledge of such places before then had been limited to simply cafes and more cafes. Well, there is nothing wrong with those cafes if somebody worships them like their lives are crucially dependent on such. Still, it would be refreshing to embrace a little change which could instantaneously rejuvenate lost souls and anything else that resembles lost souls. Okay, maybe I'm just satisfying another episode of my long suffering gluttony. Nonetheless, let me share this awesome place with all readers. Mugiho Bakery.

Okay, I say Mugiho Bakery because the name was printed as such on the receipt. The stall (yeah it is a stall) can be found inside Lau Pa Sat. Quite unfortunately, I'm unable to pinpoint the exact location. Actually, if anybody is able to find Chai's Nihon Ryori, the glittering display of mouth-watering pastries would be beckoning just opposite. Good luck, if anybody needs it. Anyway, as mentioned the discovery was by accident while I was struggling to find a quieter, more peaceful place to kill time on a weekend. Naturally, my pathetic knowledge of cafes wasn't of any help since those places would be screaming nothing but overcrowding. Oh, it would be great if the idea of walking is anybody's cup of tea. That was how I gradually stumbled upon certain gems. The great aspect about Lau Pa Sat is just how much more spacious, more peaceful and quieter it is on weekends. The pastries were simply too seductive (?) to be ignored!

The very first item that I tried from Mugiho Bakery was this Uji Matcha Bavarian. Okay, no prizes for figuring out the reason why I bought that little heavenly sin. The consistency resembled that of a chocolate pudding. According to the dictionary, it is actually gelatin. The toppings were nothing short of fancy and enticing. Okay, I still have no idea what those two fluffy little pastries on the whipped cream were supposed to be. The friendly staff had initially recommended something else which didn't stimulate my glutton self. Thankfully (?), the gold foil was edible. The sweetness would appeal to those watching their sugar level. Then again, my taste buds don't make a great universal benchmark for flavourings. Nonetheless, the matcha itself is a sufficient selling point. Okay, so sue me for my love of matcha.  

The second pastry that I had was this lethal seven-layered chocolate cake that the staff highly recommended. Nope, the pastries weren't consumed in succession if anybody is wondering. I might just go home in an ambulance or something. This pretty gorgeous thing was definitely many times richer than the average chocolate cake. What makes an average chocolate cake? That wouldn't be my question to answer. However, despite its generous filling of moist, gooey chocolate, the seven-layered chocolate cake was just the perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness. I would also recommend this for a lazy afternoon dessert. The lingering bittersweet aftertaste temporarily imprints on the mind.

Mugiho Bakery has other awesome selections like the Fruit Tart which would make a conveniently good excuse for not having enough fruits. Well, it was certainly a refreshing change from the usual rich pastries that I would be more inclined to eat. Anyway, the charm of Mugiho Bakery subtly triggers the beginning of a sweet addiction. Try it if you haven't!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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