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The Return of a King

There are a lot of things we can be thankful for. This week, I, for one, am thankful that my prayers have been heard. Before we go any further, I have to say this post contains a major Bleach spoiler! If you don't mind, scroll beyond this picture I have used a filler! (You know, since the first picture always comes up in the preview.)

Digressing a little, how cute is Luffy here!
So... (Drumroll please.)


NO WAYYYYYYYYYY (my first reaction)


Grimmjow is my favourite Bleach character. Spiky hair, a handsome face, killer abs, a very pleasing voice and most of all, a destructive fighting maniac, he is absolutely irresistable! I always like the straight-talking characters best!

I was feeling quite meh about Bleach lately. There's been no progress in stopping Ywach, half of the Quincy have been wiped out (by the way, aren't Quincy supposedly human? If so, the wiping out of them is pretty much a Quincy genocide, no?), the Shinigami have been stuck at trying to find a way to the Soul Palace for so many chapters I've lost count... I remember the times where Kubo Tite stopped nearly every chapter on a cliffhanger. It was so frustrating! But it made me anticipate the next ones. The recent ones made me feel like I'm reading Bleach only to keep up with the plot, which frankly doesn't seem to have progressed much beyond the occasional plot twist. There hasn't even been proper fights in a while.

Grimmjow's return has been 7 years in the making! Weeks turned into months, months turned into years and my pining became a weekly thing that accompanied every new Bleach chapter. WHERE IS GRIMMJOW? All that said, it has now changed. Seeing that Garganta, man, my heart leapt up to my throat. I know, he won't be appearing every panel, not even every chapter. But the confirmation that he's alive is more than enough, although I've been pretty sure about that since his arm appeared 2 years ago. Most importantly, it means Grimmjow will fight! A fighting Grimmjow is my favourite Grimmjow. Yup, I'm definitely anticipating a second release. Perhaps an updated catsuit (lol).

The tiny bit of arm and torso that made me so hopeful, but never appeared again :'(

Grimmjow's return answered one question (Is he alive?) and gave us a lot more to speculate about. I'm glad they kept his perfect hairstyle, but what is his new outfit? Why is he hiding those killer abs under a shirt?! Is his hollow hole still there? How is his interaction with Ichigo going to be? He's always picking fights and I'm hoping they'll still have some antagonistic banter. Grimmjow won't be Grimmjow if he acts like a professional ally anyway. How is he going to react about seeing Aizen again? Laughing at Aizen's new "throne"? What are his new powers?!

I definitely miss his destructive violence. Go Grimmjow!
Things I'm hoping to see from Grimmjow? Hmm, most definitely his abs. I mean, most definitely maniacal laughing while incapitating his enemies. Doesn't matter what his new powers are, I'd like to see him rip a hole through someone's stomach again... A proper one-on-one fight would be the best. If Kenpachi and Nnoitra could have a fight that's 45 minutes long pieced together, Grimmjow can have a long one for himself too! Antagonistic banter with well, everyone. He's totally vulgar (that's hot when you're a manga character) and he is the only ex-Espada-slash-Arrancar there right now. Seeing him attack Ichigo right off the bat would be excellent, honestly. Since he and Bazz-B are so similar I'd like to see them either quarrel or totally hit it off and become unexpected buddies. Basically, I want to see Grimmjow be himself. Loud, brash, impulsive, rude, and powerful, with that awesome smirk/grin on his face.

That's right everyone, the King is back!

Welcome back, King :')
Written by the world's happiest Grimmjow fangirl, Nana

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