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[Movie Review] Kuroko No Basuke: LAST GAME

Our favourite heroes animated basketball players are back in town - literally! The Last Game movie is from the spinoff manga EXTRA GAME, where the Generation of Miracles, together with Kagami, join forces to face off a visiting unruly American basketball team.

Ever since the movie was confirmed, I was hoping it will eventually reach our shores, especially in recent years where animated movies and even lives are given the green light to air in countries beyond Japan. (Thank you, Odex!) Though I may not be active in the Kurobasu fandom anymore, it was the first anime I was seriously invested in after a really long time so it still has a special place in my heart!

Of course I still have my favourites in the series to fangirl over about. For example, never forget Mayuzumi Chihiro even if you may forget him on the court or have forgotten about him already :T (He had a 10 second appearance in the movie, but that was enough... Epic enough...)

I won't be giving away too many spoilers, but I will still talk about some moments people can look forward to in the movie! For one, it's definitely worth it for the fans and longtime watchers; the movie gives a pretty good closure on the series. Not just the Generation of Miracles: people from the main teams will debut as a spectator in the eventual game at the very least, so it's really good and nostalgic to see those familiar faces and hear those voices once again!

Also, I like the dynamics of the new team! Called Vorpal Swords (cue fandom laughing in the background), it was like the old Teiko Middle School team plus Kagami, except that everyone has considerably matured after the entire Kurobasu series. Quite a lot happened in the match against Jabberwock, the opposing team, but the Vorpal Swords team managed to keep their cool and play to their fullest potential, and that in itself was pretty awesome.

Of course, as usual some moves and actions are animated to be... a little out of this world and exaggerated (and as usual, I closed an eye on those) but the street basketball playstyle is actually a real thing and has been featured several times in the movie. Catch Aomine, Akashi, Kagami and the opposing team pulling off those moves - I found those scenes to be really, really cool! (Though I may be a little biased because I really like basketball, way before I got into Kurobasu actually!)

It is true that the movie follows the manga quite loyally. However, with a few new scenes added here and there, and also with the overall directing of the film, it breathes a different feeling into the movie. Just another reason why fans shouldn't miss this! Well I did read the Extra Game manga, but I stopped halfway through, so the ending did surprise me (pssst pssst!) And I say all these, but it has been over a year since I last read the manga though...

There were also some sudden timeskips which made me feel were not executed clearly, but well! It's still follow-able.

But I'll reiterate: it's definitely a must-watch for the Kurobasu fans, and for the non-kurobasu fans, give the series a try! The movie at the end tops everything for you.

There were plenty of scenes I liked in the movie. Almost contemplating going for a second viewing! And speaking of which, it's still airing in certain Golden Village cinemas! Do view the available timings at their website for more, it's $15 per entry and comes with the Last Game poster. :D (We all know the movie is going to get placed online - illegally - sooner or later, but I think it's better to watch the movie in the cinema to support the kurobasu staff!)

Here's my copy of the poster!

The movie came out over a month ago in Japan, but to my understanding, they are still airing it for a few more weeks, and if you go for the movie in different weeks you can collect different kinds of tokuten (souvenirs)! (I'm so jealous...) And now that the other countries are joining in the Last Game hype, here's to many more weeks of it! :v

This reads "The last battle", literally "last game"

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