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Funan Anime Matsuri - Fanmerch

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last event (I had to skip out on AFA last year due to travel plans) so I was pretty excited for my Funan Anime Matsuri! I went for FAM last year and had a lot of fun~ My wallet fared a little worse but all in all it was very enjoyable! So this year I had pretty high hopes.

Unfortunately, this year was less exciting since I wasn't very interested in fansigns (last year there was a performance!). Also, while last year I met Hana and Baozi as Shiro and Kojiro, I didn't manage to meet them this year! :( It's a shame because Baozi was dressed up as my favourite character from Touken Ranbu.

I did however, see a Koro Sensei!

Luckily, they still had Creators Hub this year! Creators Hub is where all the booths selling fan-made merchandise are. While there are a lot of figurines and official merchandise shops around, I usually buy those online and so prefer to browse the fanmerch.

Last year, it was all about Yowamushi Pedal fever and those were the bulk of merchandise I purchased. This year, I put myself on a tighter budget! The only Yowapeda item I bought was this print.

Onoda is so cute! I wouldn't call myself a full-blown otaku, but I can relate to his love for 2D characters! This print where he gets distracted by Love Hime gacha is perfect because it's funny, adorable and relatable!

As you might know from my numerous loot posts, I really like Kuroko no Basuke. However I already have a lot of KnB merchandise, both official and fan-made, so I only got this really cute set of mini stickers!

The recent Naruto: Live Spectacle made me crazy for Kakashi all over again. I got this A5 print! While Kakashi is popular, I don't see a lot of fanmerch featuring only him so it was an instant buy.

Finally, I bought a lot of Touken Ranbu fanmerch! (The little Godzilla button is a random one I thought was too adorable to pass up.) I got more prints~ I try not to overlap my characters, however I have a soft spot for Mitsu and Kogi, so I ended up getting theirs too...

Initially I really wanted to get a Mutsu print as well, however I got a Mutsu keychain instead in the end! He's not the only keychain; I bought a Honebami/Namazuo one from a different artist!

There was also these three buttons. It was meant to be a gacha, but the artist allowed me to pick the ones I want! Mitsu is too cute, and since there was a special price for three buttons, I got the Tarou/Jirou brothers as well!

I wanted to commission a drawing of Guren from Owari no Seraph (I find the story too cliche for my liking, but I like Guren a lot), but the artist had too many commissions so I didn't get him in the end... She did tell me she'll open commissions again in the near future so hopefully I can get one next time!

I also met some friends there yesterday and had a short chat! As someone who isn't a part of the cosplay community it's fun to talk about it with friends who are. Since I mostly stayed upstairs where the merchandise were, I did not take photos of the events on stage nor cosplayers (those upstairs were all busy looking at merch and I didn't want to bother them). Well~ Even though I felt last year's FAM was more fun, I still enjoyed the shopping!

Overall damage done: < $50. For so many things, not bad I'd say!

Written by Nana

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