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AFA14 Singapore : Danny Choo and me

Hi guys… Well this post came out late. Sorry, had to complete and submit a few assignments before I’m free to do other things. But don’t worry! I can still remember the time spent there quite vividly. Did not regret (?) going for AFA this year, but regret not bringing much money to spend (Bought a 3DS with ORAS). Anyway there a “few”, again might be an understatement but these are the pictures that my friend and I took as I wasn't there for the second day, and maybe some videos if I manage to upload or edit (maybe?) it. From what I’ve read, Max and Fluffysheep, so we did not have the chance to bump (not literally) into each other. Though I do not know which day Faelan went for. You can read their experience on their first adventure to AFA by clicking on their names (Welcome to AFA, kouhais…). Well, let us start walking down my memory lane.

Firstly, I woke up late. HAHA! What terrible luck. Even though I stress on not coming late in my first post. It’s so frustrating! I regret wonder trading at midnight that day. Well, I went out and met my friend who works there and set off to Suntec City by the East West Line. 

Ticket at the ready!

I got off at Paya Lebar and took the Circle Line and what luck again. The train went to Bayfront. 


Frustration builds up. My friend and I went back towards Promenade to take the train and OH MY GOD! AGAIN! 

This is exactly what happened to me last year. Last year was seven times. Seven times I took the wrong train. I stayed silent throughout the next ride. My friend kept laughing at me. I felt like wallowing in self-pity.

When I got there, well the line was obviously long already. With a heavy heart, I sat down, waiting in line, while playing Omega Ruby. While, waiting I managed to evolve my Eevee to an Espeon 

and caught Ho-oh at Sea Mauville,

 so there wasn’t any time wasted. And alas, the doors opened and I prepare myself for battle. ONWARDS!

Well the first thing I did was to rush straight away to Culture Japan and buy the shirts that I want (I will show my spoils at the end, so stay tune). The line was surprisingly short and I managed to meet my friend who was working just beside CJ’s booth, which is the Cherry Credits booth, Coin Hunter. After buying the shirts, I met Danny Choo, the creator or “Father”of Mirai Suenaga and ask for a picture. Unfortunately, my fingers were still warming up to the camera, thus the picture was focus on the background. 

The wrong focus!
I really felt terrible when I found out about it. But not to worry, there are lots more where that came from, which you guys will see later on.

Next, I proceed to the SAO booth, where they were letting the public have a chance at trying out the “Nervgear” which was just mounting on the Oculus Rift headset and earphones. I was genuinely excited for this but you can’t control the character other than Kirito’s line of sight. 

Yup… you could only SEE but cannot interact in any other way. And since I had to take off my spectacles, I didn’t really have much of an experience. Sigh…

After that, I went back to the CJ booth and took some pictures of the smart dolls, Kizuna and Mirai (So ex!) 

This marks the beginning of me going around and exploring the place for pictures and as for some reason, I was bored after just an hour at AFA. Anyway, I tried to liven up the mood by experiencing most of the booths set up so here I go!

I began by walking over to the booth near CJ’s and snap some pictures of the products that were put on display. The booth had a mix line up, which is why you might find the pictures varies.

Kamen Rider Drive

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Haha... Fruit Rider

I then proceed to the IDOLM@STER booth near it and took a few more pictures. This is where I’ll point out that I will mix my pictures and my friends since he’s a better cameraman than me.

Following that, I went to the Psycho Pass (ANIPLUS) booth to check out the Dominator on display. 

It looks and feels so nice...
At the same time, they had a video where they talk about Kogami, which involves a dismantled Oculus Rift but this time, I kept my specs on. They also had life-size of Kogami Shinya, Tsunemori Akane and Makishima Shougo on display, which I find amazing.

I then ventured out to other booths and took pictures of what attracted my attention.

Miku Love is War ver.
Miku Senbonzakura ver.
Sinon GGO ver.

Mika Jougasaki
A closer look...
Araragi Karen
There were several other booths that I didn’t took pictures of as I was getting tired of walking around and I didn’t had much sleep due to wonder trading the night before, so most of my time there is just me either sitting around and watching Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax battles between Singaporeans and Japanese, walking around Creators Hub and other booths or listening in on the DJ concert at the corner of the hall. As three-quarter of the day draws closer, I finally left the hall and decided to take pictures of cosplayers but there wasn’t much on the first day and also because I went out late so these are what I took.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplay
Mikasa Ackerman cosplay
Garo cosplay
I went back in and stumble upon Danny at his booth and hurried to my friend to a take a picture of us together. This will be the first time you guys will see my face so here it is.

I am the guy on the right...
As the final hour dawns, I went around the area and took pictures of the various booths. I don't know whether it will be taken down but here it is.

Sailor Moon
Creators Hub

Entering the left part of the hall...

Aircraft Carrier WO class. My favourite...
Saber Lily
Miku Halloween ver.
Snow Miku, I guess?
Miku Japanese Wedding ver.
Makishima Shougo
Kogami Shinya
Tsunemori Akane

Sora and Shiro cosplay

My friends then came down to AFA as it was closing to surprise me with a cake (why does he get a cake at AFA?)

Yay! And if you guys are wondering what's on the letter, it's my nickname in school...
So that was the first day of AFA14. I’ll take a break now and leave you guys with day 2 coverage by my friend (so you'll probably see a lot of him) as I wasn’t there for day 2 as it was my birthday and I had to go Malaysia to meet my grandparents.

My friend, Noramir and Kaneki...
Kiva, Black, Noramir (maybe I should call him Lord Heracross) and Knight 
Noramir and Enoshima Junko
Noramir and Eunwol from Maplestory
Kizuna Yumenos...
Noramir and Pokemon Trainers
Miku and Noramir
Noramir and Lelouch
Noramir and Danny Choo 
And finally, Kaneki, Noramir and Touka
And welcome back from day 2. Speechless right? (A pun that should have not been spoken (oh look, another one)). Day 3 for me was a bit unexpected as I woke up at 12 pm by my friend saying that FLOW was going to have a high-five event at NHK WORLD’s booth. I contemplated a lot about it and finally decided to go.

When I reach there, it was so damn crowded. Way different than the first day as it was on a Friday and most of them had school but as for me, I didn’t have classes that day. Yay!

The very first thing I did was… taking a picture with Domo, as I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with him on the first day.

This time, I went outside much more earlier to look for cosplayers to snap, as there are an abundance of them on the concourse level. But I only took a few. Haiz…

I can't believe I forgot who this is...
Nishino Maki Cosplay
Makishima Shougo Cosplay
I went back inside to continue my search for cosplayers and found more.

Sinon cosplay
Slaine Troyard, Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia and Count Cruhteo cosplays

Team Rocket selling Slowpoke's tail. I heard they're good. 
Me and Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia
Sakura Chiyo and Yuzuki Seo
Kirito ALO ver with Holy Sword Excalibur
Around this time, I began lining up to get the ticket to the FLOW event, which was quite a queue and managed to get it!

Here’s a video to show the high fives I had with them, but…

My camera stop recording on its own...

I then continued my search with a friend, a Pikachu, where I went back out again.

Young Eren cosplay
Akagi and Kaga cosplay
Tsunemori Akane and Kogami Shinya cosplay
Imperial Dramon Palladin mode
Kurumi Tokisaki cosplay
Miku cosplay

Then, back in.

Asuka Langley Eva 3.33 ver
Mirai Suenaga cosplay

Either Yuni or Luce from Hitman Reborn

Akatsuki Kojou cosplay
Inori cosplay
A wild Pikachu appeared. Go Pikachu!

Ghoul Pikachu use slash!
I, again, met Danny and took his picture with Mirai.

And again!
I went around again.

Yoshino and Yoshinon

Jibril cosplay
Pokemon Trainers again
Noramir and Omnimon
Noramirand blue Gokaiger
Nakamura Yuri and Noramir
Monomi and Monokuma
AFA then started to prepare for its official closing but before it goes, the last hour sale began and people there started going around to search for stuff to buy. While they’re doing that, I went around to film the closing, which I might or might not have edited (Unsure whether it’ll stay up but I’ll link the video here if it’s down).

Hahaha... The voices...

And at the end of it all, the mini stage area had Piano Minion play a few songs for us, which, I might add, was a beautiful ending with songs from SAO, SNK and Guilty Crown. Suteki…

All right guys… AFA14 is over. It was a wonderful 3-1 days I had. And I am sure some of you who went had fun too. There are others who said that this year’s was a bit dull but the atmosphere was still as exhilarating as ever.

Oh, here are my spoils for this year’s AFA.

BRS shirt
Chitose is Justice shirt
Mirai is Future shirt
Chitose Shirasawa white shirt
Esdeath keychain
Kaneki Ghoul mask and coin hunter badge
Steampunk black gauntlet
Up next will be COSFEST XIII – Cosfest Christmas, which I hope I’ll attend. If I am not wrong, it will be happening this weekend, 20 and 21st of December from 1pm to 6 pm at D’Marquee at Downtown East.

Well, this was Zwei and his adventures at AFA14.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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