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Do you like sushi? I do. It doesn't matter if the sushi was bought from the deli at the basement, or served on a fancy conveyor belt. Then again, I have yet to savour the really godly stuff that are rumoured to poke holes enough to severe anybody's wallet into two. Actually, I have heard worse; one man had to cut his...never mind that. Anyway, my first taste of sushi dated back many, many years ago. Yeah, I was only a baby. Erm, was that a frying pan that just whizzed over my brains? Okay, so I have shaved off a little too much of my age. I was about thirteen when the neighbourhood shopping mall opened a sushi deli at the basement. The colourful spread of little cute rice rolls pleaded with potential customers to eat them. Naturally, it became quite a daunting task to select something for my palate.

Sushi became the occasional luxury. Yeah, even with much affordable varieties in the market, I still don't regard sushi as a staple. Ironically enough, the main ingredient of sushi is rice. The mildly flavoured rice would tease the taste buds, warming up each little corner for the anticipation of the much stronger flavours. Given the countless combinations that have sprouted over the years, sushi lovers have to accept the dilemmas that come with the colourful menu. I prefer the basics since there isn't any hassle in sticking to what is familiar to the palate. Also, when dining with a conveyor belt which requires largely a think-fast, act-fast attitude, the last thing anybody wants is their salmon belly or whatever that is trending that season to end up inside the wrong stomach.

Anyway, the main purpose of this whole sushi thingy is to sort of commemorate my first visit to this easily crowded but still wonderful place which sells customised sushi. Yeah, customised sushi! I stumbled upon it pretty much by accident, and needless to say some radar somewhere started beeping aggressively. Hence, on Thursday (just a couple of days ago!) I made a trip down to Maki-san. Coincidentally, a lot of sushi lovers had also decided to have their late lunch at the same time. Well, I was really lucky to squeeze into one of the corner (kind of) seats. Dining alone still has its advantages. The concept of Maki-san is straightforward and user-friendly (?).

First, the customer has to grab an order form which lists down the many different ingredients available for their ideal customised sushi. For sizes, there is the Little San and the Mega San. Basically, there are two extra Essentials and a Special available for Mega San. Price wise, it is only a two-dollar difference (of course, if anybody chooses to have an additional this and that, the price increases). However, there are also House Sushi selections for customers who don't quite know what to customise from scratch. In addition, there is a small variety of snacks to complement the sushi. Naturally, I decided to take full control of what I truly wanted inside my sushi.

I ordered the Mega San simply because I felt that it would make a more filling meal. Honestly, I had to deplete a little more juice just to customise that dream sushi. For the five Essentials, I picked Avocado, Edamame, Olive, Egg and Steamed Prawn. I chose Salmon Sashimi for my Special. As for the sauce, I ticked Sesame. For the Sprinkle, it was crunchy tempura flakes! Yum yum! I also ordered a can of iced lemon tea to go with my sushi. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait very long for my food!

The customised sushi came in a colourful, beautiful box like this. Of course, the boxes come in several designs. I couldn't wait to dig in but before that, I made sure to take some photographs as evidence (?). Okay, I understand that I'm no talented photographer, so please pardon my lack of skill in this. For a customised sushi, I would say that the fillings were of a decent amount and I was able to taste the different layers of flavours in the sushi. The entire sushi roll was cut into eight pieces for easy savouring. The smaller ingredients like the edamame beans kept falling out, but I was fine with that. Everything was lapped up pretty quickly though. Yeah, I wished that there was more!

Apart from sushi, Maki-san also specialises in customised salads. I'm definitely returning to try the salads! Has anybody eaten at Maki-san? How would you rate your experience there?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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