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Children and Horror (Kind Of)

Hello readers. I have depleted quite considerably whatever that was remaining inside the juice bank (I find this description fancy) and that is definitely not a telltale sign of me about to prey from the bushes like how they did it in those cheesy horror films from the eighties. I don't really have the most effective way of finding inspiration as such is usually fluid and meandering like somebody with no sense of direction. Yeah, I'm rather thankful for my utter lack of interest in getting a driver's license. Wait, where did that come from? As I was saying, inspiration is...never mind. I need a fresher, better opening for my monologue. If an idea is worth a Level 140-something monster from some dungeon game, I wonder just how excruciating the battle would be. But I have more or less figured out a few things, tentatively speaking.

All it took was just one creepy child to scare the bowels out of anyone (Dark Water)

It is interesting how a particular topic could lead to another that is seemingly unrelated, yet funnily enough they would actually complement each other. During one of the Japanese lessons, the teacher was sharing with the class some well-known nursery rhymes in Japan. An interesting similarity among the songs that she had introduced was the eerily (?) slow tempo which resembled the sort that was apparent in horror films. I wouldn't classify those songs as lullabies either, given the peculiar, somewhat hair-raising vibes that were conveyed through the comforting (?) voices of the performers. I casually mentioned how children were very often featured in horror films, American or Japanese. Well, that sparked off an idea. Children and horror.

Hanako #1

Hanako #2 (Re-Kan!) Psst, I actually kind of fancy her... <3

Some readers might be familiar with Hanako, the little ghost girl that has quite the cult following, with many different interpretations on television, the big screens, and even video games. The most recent portrayal of Hanako came from the anime Re-Kan!, but since that is more of a slice-of-life comedy than full-fledged horror, it isn't hard to imagine what Hanako looks like - kawaii, kawaii, kawaii. Nope, she doesn't lure naive children to the last cubicle and eat them up. Then again, why would there be children in a high school except for Hanako herself? Apparently, she had followed Hibiki to school. The traditional-type Hanako held a lot of hatred for nothing to say the least (in my opinion).

Hanako #3

If I had to confront Hanako (she might have an interest in the male anatomy since some variations saw her loitering in the boys' toilet), I would calmly (?) bash her head against the cubicle door and say a confessional prayer. Case closed! Oh, I wouldn't sweat over her revenge since there are methods to get around that troublesome pest. If you happen to be the more civil, non-violent sort, I would recommend enough talismans to slap onto her forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, neck...too much? Then, just bash her head in. I believe that the same tactic could apply to other ghosts. Ah, Kuchisake Onna? She could literally make your world turn.

Children of the Earth by Itou Junji

How on earth (pun absolutely intended) did those children become part of the earth?!

The lack of a saving grace in such situations makes life unpredictably bleak and on the edge for the more dangerous scenarios. When a lot of things couldn't be explained, what would it take for the people implicated to be convinced that there is bound to be a way out of the grim drama? Itou Junji created this disturbing piece about lost children and their parents and teachers who searched high and low for their whereabouts. The shocking revelation upon discovering the peculiar situation of those children doesn't lead to any concrete conclusion, but it sends a chilling reference to what life really means. Well, the horror element here is more psychological.

Oh, even though this isn't Japanese, the bunch of children playing in the backdrop of Elm Street accompanied by the soft strains of a nursery rhyme is what I would consider a genuine shudder in the middle of the night.

I take this as a greeting from the netherworld? (Dark Water)

If anybody is baffled by what I have been trying to convey, don't mind (?).

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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