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Natsu Matsuri 2015

This year's Natsu Matsuri took place on 22th Aug, and I'm so glad I managed to attend it! I've only managed to attend this event twice, once this year, and another two years ago. It's held at the Japanese Language School, and there are shuttle buses to take you there from Tanah Merah Mrt Station!

I was only able to purchase tickets on the day of the event, and after a little research, it seemed like it would be better to go slightly earlier to queue for tickets as there is a limited amount of tickets.

The event starts starts at 4.30pm, and ticket sales start at 4pm, but to ensure we got tickets, my friend and I went at 3.30pm instead to start queueing for tickets. We'd thought that the queue would be rather short, but there was already quite a large number of people waiting for the ticket sales to start.

However, once the ticket sales started, the queue progressed rather quickly so it really wasn't that long a wait! We also received a complimentary fan which is perfect as it can get really warm, especially if you're wearing a yukata.  

There were many people already wearing yukatas, but I had brought mine along in a bag to change instead. If you don't know how to wear a yukata, they have a booth that offers to help you wear it! I was planning to get some help, but as it turns out the queue for that was massive, and I ended up winging it in the bathroom instead. They also have a yukata rental booth if you're planning a single time use!

Once I've all dressed up, my friend and I hit the booths. There are plenty of food stalls, and I would advise you bring extra cash since there is quite a large range of food, and no atms at your convenience should you need extra money. There are also several stalls selling various merch so you really should bring extra money! We wanted to buy those ballons filled with water, but by the time we set out to find them they were all sold out already. 

we had more food, but ate them all before remembering to take photos
We bought quite a bit of food, although it was tough for me to eat my usual amount as we had tied my yukata really tightly. It was ridiculously difficult to sit down on the floor in my yukata too. I had to sit with my back straight or my obi was going to dig into my back. Maybe it was because we didn't tie my yukata properly but I now have a new found respect for yukata wearers. 

The festivities started at around 7, as well as the bon-odori! There was a huge crowd gathering to dance, but since I'm uncomfortable with large crowds, I opted to stay far back and sway to the music from the sidelines instead.

We finally left around 9, when the activities were dwindling down. While waiting for the shuttle back, a lady in front of us had about 6 water balloons, and she gave us each one! Granted, the event was already over, but it was still really nice of her! She even let us pick the colors we wanted. 

Overall, Natsu Matsuri is definitely worth going at least once! It might be held in Singapore and may be quite small, but it still holds the Japanese spirit. If you plan to go for next year, you really should start planning your yukata!

Written by: ninetylives

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