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Pocky Day!

11th of November is Pocky Day! Have you had your Pocky? Go get some if you haven't had any. I haven't had Pocky in a long time myself. The traditional Chocolate and Strawberry flavours are a must-have. For many years, I had stuck to the locally manufactured biscuit sticks. I remember trying my first imported Pocky. It was a variation of Bitter Chocolate that came in a slightly bigger box. Subsequently, more unique flavours were imported through local supermarkets and Japanese stores. Now, it is so much easier to overwhelm the palate silly with the mouth-watering albeit expensive spread. Seriously, they are nice. Really, really, really nice.

I haven't attempted the Pocky game in my life. Well, it is unlikely that I would have anybody play that with me. Sure, sharing Pocky is fun. It is a great way to bond with friends and classmates and the person who you are secretly in love with. But I like to eat my Pocky in blissful solitude. Nope, I am not being selfish here. You should try that if you haven't. The best way to enjoy a box of Pocky is to have its entirety to yourself. Oh, I would throw in a bottle of green tea as well. Besides, the Japanese imports are usually smaller in quantity. One typical box contains two packets of six biscuit sticks each. That isn't a lot to begin with. Therefore, in order to fully appreciate its know what to do!

Do you have a favourite Pocky flavour? While the Matcha freak in me is inclined to pick something similar, I have to say that there are others that also sit well with my palate. I am sure many of us have seen these flavours before. I saw the Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky in Yamakawa Super. I think that a little salt actually complements the sweet stuff. Think of ice-cream, chocolate, pastries...hmm. Okay, I really shouldn't be drooling all over the keyboard now! Anyway, back to Pocky...there are flavours that specially target the adult demographic. Taste wise, I believe that the sweetness is probably lighter than the traditional Pocky. However, the name is a little...well, you draw your own opinion on this one: Otona no Milk.

Pocky and Pretz had this amazing collaboration with Peanuts in which its characters appeared across different flavours that added so much appeal to just about everything. I used to buy the normal Chocolate flavour (the red box) featuring Snoopy and a bunch of Woodstocks. Yeah, it was indeed for the novelty since the taste wasn't any different in the first place. But as the consumer, I was actually more willing to consider the choices. Quite unfortunately, not every flavour was available here back then. The thing about Japanese confectionery is that there is so much innovation behind. Anyway, the objective is to treat ourselves to some Pocky on Pocky Day! OK! Pocky!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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