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AniManGaki 2017: Day 1

Ah… it’s that time of the year again. Where I pack my bags and head to the shores of Kuala Lumpur. It’s AniManGaki! One of my all-time favourite conventions to go to in the region. An event for the fans by the fans. And this time I brought a friend with me to the convention and was there for both days! Doubling (tripling?) the fun.
This year’s AniManGaki theme was Magic and Elements! Specially featuring the elements, fire, earth, and water! Upon entering the convention, you could get yourself appraised and sorted into one of the elemental groups.

Of course, now after two years (read about AniManGaki 2015 and 2016) at this convention, I knew what I was doing, and had set my eyes on getting those wonderful art commissions, and hopefully chatting up some artists along the way. This culture is something that you don’t quite get at Singapore conventions but something I immensely enjoy…

Handmade Plushies! Check more of them out here!
Walking around the doujin area, you’d be surprised to find that the first blood from my wallet wasn’t some anime art, but rather some really cute handmade plushies. I got myself a very squishable unicorn. By the second day almost all the unicorns were gone! The guy that makes these does all sorts of other characters from minions to avengers and even custom orders, he tells me that sales is normally quite brisk. With the cuteness of these plushies… I can see why…~

Cute Unicorn! It hangs on my bag now!
Moving along dear friend and I got more stickers and more stickers…
Art by Ettachii!

Art by Plowplo!
Cat stuff by Black0Seven!

Beautiful Miku art by Ruuya!
Till we heard some really fantastic violin playing from the main stage, guess we were in for a treat with Luna Lorrain, an international violinist who has played at events across Asia. Cosplaying as Madoka this time, she stunned us with some amazing violin playing skills of popular J-pop songs.

Luna really into the song!
But really, onward to the prize of this convention, the really really well-drawn commissions. Friend and I walked along the rows and we stopped right where there was girl with a really cute artist mascot that looked just like her and with a display of some extremely well-drawn watercolor pieces. Admiring her art, we ordered our commissioned art there and then, I requested a chibi version of the artist mascot herself and dear friend of mine had Todoroki from Boku no Hero drawn. The result was simply something we both absolutely loved~

Todoroki and May! (Can you believe that no one had requested her mascot before??!) Follow her on instagram here!
Next stop was at Rociel’s art… It was set up like a gallery of pretty backgrounds of what could be fantasy visual novels. I fell in love with her art so much I bought three pieces from this stall. Guess which ones I bought!

The colour here in the picture doesn't do justice to the art... but you can check out her website here!
Next up on day one was the mini interaction session with Joelle, one of AniManGaki’s special guest stars this year. 

She answered a few questions about her inspirations (Michael Jackson) and her favourite song (I just can’t stop loving you) and the best song she sang so far (Takkei no Seijo). Joelle also came with a lot of hi-chew candy for the audience much to their delight. Who doesn’t like free things, especially since it’s coming from such a pretty girl eh~ Listen to Takkei no Seijo below!

That was the end of day one of AniManGaki for me, I shall end the post on day one with Unipi (the name of the unicorn) looking over the doujin haul.
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Stay tuned to day two! Where there's more stuff to buy and more people to meet both old and new!

Written by Neko

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