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Touken Ranbu

Hello there! Well, I've been sitting on this post for a long time (mostly because I've been too busy playing it to be writing about it), but after months since its launch, I really should share about it, especially since it is the hottest game right now, so let's welcome September with my first gaming post!

Touken Ranbu is an online web browser game by DMM and Nitroplus that lets you battle with personified swords. Have you heard of Kantai Collection? Well, it's similar, except instead of ship girls it's sword boys. And if you look at the picture above, you'll see that they are very attractive indeed!

This is Mikazuki Munechika, the face of Touken Ranbu and fondly known as Jiji (or grandpa) to us, because he's an old sword and yes, he called himself that. He's a Tachi. There are many types of swords from Tantous (daggers) to Yaris (spears). However, you only get an Uchigatana when you begin the game. You get other swords by smithing them or getting them from drops when you go on sorties.

My first Uchigatana, Kasen.

So exactly what do we do in this game? Well, the primary job is to go on sorties! Simply put, sorties are battles. A team of six goes against a team of enemies. You get to choose battle formations and if you're lucky, you're rewarded with materials, swords and other miscellaneous items!

Another thing they do is go on expeditions, or player-versus-player battles.

Right now, there is an ongoing event! It is an event to retrieve the newest sword so far, a Yari named Nihongou. He's got a ton of fans already! After all, no one expected an ojisan in what looks like a janitor's outfit to look this good.

By the way, the blade of his spear is lovely!

(Perhaps now, with his muscles and wild ferocity on display, you'll understand why some fans are smitten with him already.)

The very first event there was was to retrieve Hakata Toushirou. If he looks familiar, well, you're not the only one. As soon as his character was revealed for the first time, everyone immediately compared him to Haikyuu's Tsukishima!

The newest background right now is the night time summer background, released in time for summer in Japan. Right now, there are additional items you can add to the default background such as onigiri or dango! I got both newest background, however, my favourite is the winter one. Hopefully one day we'll get an autumn background since that's my favourite season! Meanwhile, I shall just be content with having my favourite sword (as seen above) in the citadel welcoming me back! Ahh CCP, you're so handsome~

Moving back to the citadel, you can also smith swords, forge troops and upgrade your existing swords by maxing their stats. If you're lucky, you'll smith one of the 4h timer swords, Kogitsunemaru (another favourite of mine).

You can also send your swords to do internal affairs, which lasts for 24 hours. You do get the chance to unlock their casual clothing CGs though! Usually a special pairing has to be made for this to happen. For example, the two swords above, both used to belong to Okita Sougo of the Shinsengumi. Others might be "brothers", swords forged by the same swordsmith.

All in all, this game is simply just to collect historical swords drawn as ikemen. Most of us fans end up learning a bunch of history though! Meanwhile, anyone else here play Touken Ranbu?

Written by Nana

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