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Tabi Machi Late Show: Transistor Smartphone

When was the last time a raw nerve had been hit right where it was throbbing with immense vulnerability? Everybody appreciates a different extent of personal space in places and situations where claustrophobia slithers in from the little cracks around. Everybody sees this world differently, with certain perspectives standing out as confrontational and utterly unpleasant to many. I'm not sure if I have ever speculated a moment when something simply collapses within my comfort zone, and intrusion draws nearer with each passing second. Hmm. Actually, stuff like that would happen without anybody's conscious knowledge anyway. Helps with blood circulation and such, no?

Tabi Machi Late Show dropped by with its second offering, interestingly titled Transistor Smartphone. This is a reminiscing piece about an attempt to befriend somebody which had unfortunately turned sour, though the characters involved might not have intended for anything bad to happen in the first place. The awkward phases of growing up could either differ drastically, or form a long seamless thread that would permanently shape an individual's personality. Fitting in is one of those things that continues to haunt some people through life, as it plays quite the essential part in relationships and how perspectives affect actions and words.  

A female voice began by reflecting on her memories with Koizumi, a girl with long, blond hair who was her classmate. The voice had identified herself as Kumeno, a friendly, sunny type of personality which contrasted that of Koizumi, who didn't befriend anybody in school and was constantly disappearing off to somewhere, disinterested in whatever that was going on around. Nonetheless, Kumeno would still wave and greet Koizumi whenever possible. On the other hand, Koizumi was largely fixated on her smartphone. Hmm. Is that how this episode got its title? By the way, there is a little creative transition that is hard to miss. It might seem quite trivial, but I like it a lot.

The triggering point which would bring back to what I have mentioned earlier regarding the feeble attempt occurred on a quiet moment that saw a gradually perplexed Koizumi questioning Kumeno and her motive. From there, every effort which Kumeno had made to reach out to Koizumi crumbled in a sharp twist following a clever though abrupt counter move by the latter. It left a bitter aftertaste that never did go away even after they had graduated from high school and such. Now, an older Kumeno stood at the balcony pondering over that fateful incident.  

It remains somewhat ambiguous as to whether Koizumi and Kumeno would ever get to patch up the wounds in future, though in unison both had felt apologetic for what they did back then. The transiting smartphone scene towards the end did feel as if there would be something else. Even though what had been done couldn't be undone, perhaps a fresh beginning could well untangle those knots of pain. After all, Koizumi and Kumeno might not have intended for anything bad to happen in the first place.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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