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A Pervert Hamster : Ebichu

I was not feeling well for the first week of October and it had dampened my mood very much. I did not eat well and I was on bed all day. Living alone in Singapore is neither hard nor easy. I craved for a hot soup or a bowl of porridge. I was sleeping the whole day in my room and only woke up to grab bread and eat my medicine.  When I am awake, my only entertainment is to watch anime using my IPad.
I have been watching old anime such as Oruchuban Ebichu. I remember watching this show in Crunchyroll when I was a teenager (I feel so old now). I thought of this show when a friend of mine tagged me on facebook about a perverted hamster.  This anime is very light, funny and entertaining at the same time.  I will recommend this show to anyone who wants something casual and do not mind dirty jokes. Dirty jokes always make the best laughter in my opinion as everyone can relate to it. 

Ebichu is a talking hamster who does all the house chores for her owner who is identified as OL , (Office Lady) a single 25 years old in the anime who occasionally beat the rodent. Ebichu cleans the house, does the laundry, cooks and does anything to please her master.  OL has an unfaithful boyfriend Kaishonachi who always cheats on her but is easily forgiven. Ebichu tries her best to protect her master but always end up embarrassing her, thus inviting more beating for Ebichu. This anime is not for hamster lover as Ebichu always get beaten up badly where her blood splashes all on over the floor.

During the night time, Ebichu will transform herself into Ebichuman! She goes around the city and giving people sex advice! (Do not be afraid if a hamster knocks on your window one day). Ebichu loves to eat Camembert cheese and rum-raisin ice cream.  She has a secret admirer too but I am not going to spill the milk. Do watch this anime to find out who is Ebichu’s secret boyfriend. 
Do prepare to witness some ecchi scene as this anime focuses on the OL’s love life and Ebichu’s lifestyle. (How Ebichu got abuse).  The art style for this anime is not as vibrant as current anime as Ebichu is produced in 1999. Each episode will accompany by some editor notes to let the audience understand some wording they  used in the chapter itself.  It gets annoying but without those notes, you will not be able to enjoy the anime fully.
On a side note, this anime is best to watch with an open mind as some might get offended with the animal abuse. This is a cute anime to watch although the illustration and animation is very simple. The characters are poorly drawn but once you get to know them, you could not imagine them being different.
Does Ebichu looks similar with Hamtaro? Well, they might be cousins. 

Written by SnoringSeal

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