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A Letter To Wakako

Dear Wakako,

Ogenki desuka? It was such great pleasure sharing a counter with you the other evening. Oh, you probably wouldn't have a clue; I wasn't exactly a physical presence in the izakaya. Before you start hurling that expensive sake anywhere, I just have a colourful imagination. Now, would you kindly remain seated, and let me tell you a few things. Quite unfortunately, this wouldn't be a two, three-minute segment unlike the anime adaptation of your after-work indulgences. Why couldn't people just serve up longer episodes of gastronomy, fictional or otherwise? Oops, pardon me. I suppose that I should be more grateful. Shall I continue? Thanks.

You have beautiful eyes. Yeah, I mean it. Your creator has done such a splendid job on those lovely things. They remind me of a cat's eyes. Beautiful and mysterious. Okay, I should probably divert to another subject before you waste that expensive sake on some innocent customer. For the last time, I like to imagine things now and then. Okay, shall we revisit the first dish which you had in the anime: Sake no Shioyaki? 

Yeah, I agree that the salmon skin tastes superb, especially with a simple seasoning like salt. The taste buds would just open up freely and absorb the rest of the flavours! I love grilled salmon just as much as eating it raw off a conveyor belt. Hmm, I have never had my grilled salmon with grated daikon before. I should probably try that combination someday! And have a glass of sake to go along as well.

Oh, I see that you love your fried chicken too. The ones from fastfood restaurants aside, I enjoy the different flavours in kara-age. I mostly have mine in a bento set though. Do you take yours with mayonnaise? Some eateries squrt a small dollop next to the side, and it looks really mouth-watering! Hmm, come to think of it, kara-age seems to complement quite a lot of dishes like ramen, soba, rice...okay, I'm salivating!

Hmm, I don't think that I would ever dare to try sea urchin and watercress in butter. I'm fine with watercress in broth though. Sea urchin sounds really dangerous, and I'm not exactly a fan of exotic seafood or whatever that slimy thing is called. Oh, the monkfish liver looks really enticing though! I could handle a fish dish more comfortably. And that portion is huge! I have eaten clams before, though not steamed in sake but pan-fried with chili. Hmm, I should really get hold of some sake!  

Ah, the simple yet uplifting Potato Salad! Yours had actually come with a boiled egg! Hmm, mine is usually served with bacon, green onion, butter...okay, I don't really know what goes into most potato salads but the flavours are definitely refreshing. Yeah, they are easy on the stomach too! Shiawase...

Gomen ne, I hope that I haven't overwhelmed you too much with this letter. I just want to express my love for your stories in a different way. I suppose that it would be a lot more fulfilling and ideal to read the manga since those two-minute episodes simply aren't enough. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of your food and drink adventures! Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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