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5 Facts: Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Movie

The poster looks awesome!
5 interesting and fast facts to get you up to speed about what’s going on about the film~ 

    1. The Official Trailer is released!

I’m sure many already know that the Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Movie was in the works in Japan, and finally the official trailer and the releases dates are out! 
Take a peek at the trailer here.

The short bit of commentary before the trailer just mentions a bit about the series starting from a manga and being very successful as an anime and the last part was about the director himself that is leading this project, Higuchi Shinji. He has directed a few other Japanese movies in recent years and is also a master in special effects, and has done works such as Godzilla (the Japanese versions). So I guess coming from a background of doing special effects of huge monsters destroying cities, he should be in a pretty good position to direct and make Shingeki look good, especially in bringing the titans to life.

According to the commentary of Japanese during the trailer itself, there is confirmation of the appearances of two titans, of which one would be the colossal titan (stating the obvious…I know…).

    2. The movie will be released in two parts!

So yep the movie will be released in two parts (like almost every other movie out there that came from another entertainment medium like books…sighz). The release date in Japan is 1st August for part one and 19th September for part two this year. But of course what you’re interested in, is knowing that the release date for part one of the movie in Singapore is 13th August. So get ready! Mark your calendars! The walls are coming down!

    3. There is no Levi…

Our beloved heichou is not going to be in the movie it seems, boy did that create some waves in the fandom. But the spirit of him will apparently live on in the form of a new original character called Shikishima played by Hiroki Hasegawa, he is dubbed as the ‘strongest man’ in the movie, so I guess that points to our Levi. As to why Levi is not in the film. Well, remember that it IS an adaptation, so story lines and even characters may not run true to canon. I’d say while it may be a bummer to some for Levi to not be in the movie, I think we should give Shikishima a chance, if the back story and scripting is good he may turn out to be a nice surprise. Besides, he’s pretty good to look at (ah haha~!). Did you also know that the name Shikishima and Mikasa has a special historical relationship in Japan? I’ll leave that for you to find out though~^^

    4. Armin is NOT blond.

Hmm… It’s an important point if you really want to nit-pick at the details of the movie matching the manga/anime as closely as possible. Armin will be played by Kanata Hongo. Which is weird for me to see him the Armin hairstyle since I remember him from the 2006 Prince of Tennis movie as Ryoma Echizen…_. Him not being blond though as in the manga and anime I personally have no issues with~ so long as he is able to channel Armin in his acting that would be good enough for me.

    5. One of the filming locations for the film was Hashima  Island.

What’s so great about an island you might ask? Well, it’s actually one of many uninhabited island off the shore in the Nagasaki Prefecture. Take a look at some of the pictures of the island below.

A pretty small island~

So rustic!

Can you imagine this as the backdrop!
From the pictures alone I thought it was a great choice of filming location! An introduction to a side of Japan you don’t really see (you can actually go there if you wish though). It gives off a good vibe of the Shingeki no Kyojin like architecture of the city and buildings.

That’s the five interesting things you should know about the up and coming Shingeki no Kyojin movie~!
P.S. Miura Haruma is playing Eren…>< yay!
Written by Neko :3

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