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JK Meshi!

Itadakimasu! What are you readers having for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or supper? Whatever that is, I hope it makes a great albeit temporary escape from your troubles and such. Yeah, I'm going to write about food. I believe that food in general deserves ongoing mention across our individual lifetimes. Without food, all of us will vanish from this planet. Today's offering coincides with the premiere of a new anime series entitled 'JK Meshi!'. Get ready your bibs and prepare to salivate!

If this phenomenon were the weekly lotto, I would consider myself a multiple jackpot winner without hesitation. Unfortunately, 'JK Meshi!' is yet another painfully short anime which is only about a minute and a half longer than 'Wakako-zake'. Three and a half minutes worth of...well, as of now there isn't an appropriate word at the top of my head that I can use to describe this. But since an episode is that short of a duration, I decided to keep it running.

The first episode opens with the announcement of 'JK Meshi!' as the title card pops out. I wonder if the rest of the episodes will be the same. There is no theme song whatsoever throughout the episode, except for some minor sound effects. Anyway, we see three high school girls seated at a long table, studying the French Revolution. The girl on the right complains that World History is impossible to study. The middle girl encourages her that as long as she remembers the basic timeline, everything will be fine. The girl on the right keeps on ranting until the girl on the left mentions some unfamiliar terms which drive the girl on the right into some kind of idiotic state. Naturally, the girl on the left fumes up and a hilarious exchange ensues with the middle girl attempting to mediate the whole situation.

The actual cooking (I use this term sparingly) occurs at the (almost) two-minute mark. The middle girl proceeds to cook her special diet food after donning her elaborate apron. It is Miso Soup with Fried Tomatoes. The middle girl explains the steps which include putting lots of fried tomatoes into leftover miso soup, dribbling some olive oil, and garnishing with sesame seeds. I'm not sure if anybody would fancy tomatoes in their miso soup, because they can be really sour in the first place. Maybe tomatoes do complement the soup after all, at least in the anime!  

After the middle girl talks about the benefits of tomatoes and olive oil, all of them begin to partake the soup. The episode then concludes with their satisfied expressions. By the way, the girls' names are Reina, Ryouka and Ruriko. Ryouka is the left girl, Ruriko is the right girl, and Reina is the middle girl. Hmm, it is a little tough somewhat to even recommend this series whole-heartedly. I won't say that I dislike it totally, but I feel that it is severely lacking in the music department. Not meaning to compare though, but the shorter 'Wakako-zake' has a theme song.

Anyway, not much information about 'JK Meshi!' is available. My guess is that this should be around 12 episodes. I would probably give it a second chance.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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