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Installing Japanese Games on iOS

There's a plethora of Japanese mobile games with unique concepts, great artwork and stellar voice acting. The most popular ones even have an active community providing constant updates, guides and translations. A few titles have also received English localisations, namely Granblue Fantasy, Love Live! School Idol Festival and Fate/Grand Order in two to three months' time. Sadly, the region lock prevents users from trying out the many Japanese mobile games games available on Apple's App Store. Fortunately, the solution is a simple one. You're only required to create a new email account and a new Apple ID using that email account.

After you have your new email account prepared, go to the link of the app that you would want to download first. Subsequently, download the app by clicking on the blue button with the text 'iTunes で見る'. Here's the link for Love Live! School Idol Festival if you would like to try it out after reading the guide. Ensure that the iTunes store's region is in Japan at the bottom right of the page and make sure that you're not logged into iTunes at this point of time. 

If you're led to the iTunes application on your Mac or PC after this, set the region to Japan if you have not done so. Create a new Apple ID and fill in the necessary details. However, select 'None' when you're prompted to add a payment method and search for a valid address in Japan and copy that into the 'Billing Address' section. Perform the necessary verification checks by logging in to your new email and you're ready to access the Japanese iTunes and App stores on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Although the process is as simple as it looks, do take note of which Apple ID you're using on your device, since you'll be switching between your regular one for the bulk of your apps and your Japan-specific one. It saves you the hassle of constantly receiving the popup message that a specific Apple ID is only allowed to download apps from 'X' country.

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