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A Reply to A Love Letter (Kind of)~

Dear J.Fluffysheep-sama,

Your instant declaration of love for me, makes me fumble a little in the opening lines of my reply, but still I shall try my best to sincerely reply to you. I am glad my story has been able to warm your heart a little, but here’s me saying that you have to follow your dreams always. A radio presenter is an admirable aspiration, and something as beautiful your dreams, hopes and passion cannot! Be given up on! Ever! Just as you wish to cheer me on J.Fluffysheep-sama, I wish to give you my ‘Gambatte!’ shout out to you too! A virtual hug would be in order too I think. –Hugs-

To hear that you suffered withdrawal symptoms after completing my story! Oh noes… but you must remember that even though the written story has ended, the story will live on in people’s hearts, inspiring people…ah! Yes, you did write that down in the letter…~^^ Then you understand perfectly why Maki-sensei has chosen to share my story.

Ah, Senri… let’s not talk about my kareshi ne, J.Fluffysheep-sama…O///O oh gosh you even posted a picture of me and him…>< 

Anyway, where was I…yesh! Friends are important! Making meaningful friendships! Even till now, Tsukino, Shou, Mitchi and Ume still keep me company, making me laugh and smile. I do hope you have such people in your life.

Your next question to me is Invalid! Completely invalid! Omu rice…is the most delicious thing on earth! J.Fluffysheep-sama, if you wish to attack all the curry rice in this world please move forth and conquer them bowls of sweet curry! Anything less would just be a pity.

You shouldn’t say that you have difficultly expressing your love, you’ve done it quite nicely so far >< (shh…don’t tell Senri I said that…) I’m sure your future love will appreciate your grand expositions. :) 

May your path ahead be one of excitement and fulfilment, J.Fluffysheep-sama! And thank you in return for reading and enjoying my story.

Always chase your dream...><

Cheerfully Yours,

Kino Hime

P.S. I pray that I will be the one voicing my character when the time comes for an anime ><

Written by Neko

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