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Shiba Of The Month : Muco

The story has always started with this: Once upon a time, there is a little girl who lives with her dad up on the mountain. Her dad is a glass artisan and operates a workshop studio in hoping others will come to appreciate such handcraftsThe dad, Komatsu creates magnificent art pieces to display in his studio. He builds every piece from scratch to the final product which involves high level of techniques and skills for a masterpiece. His daughter has always adore him and secretly wish she  can lend him a helping hand.   

I will let you know a secret of mine about the daughter. She is very cute and innocent. In case you have not figured it out, my name is Muco the daughter in this story.  Recently, my dad is upset with his business for not doing very well. Our workshop is located on a hill which separates us from the main town’s folks (Why are we located in this area in the first place?). *Muco is confused*  

My favorite hobbies are chewing up my dad’s towel and discovering new games to play. Every day is fun and Muco gets to learn new things. Sometime I get bored when Komatsu is busy with his glass blowing activity. He should have spent more time with me. I do not understand why Komatsu has to create those glowing glasses and cups when my nose is so much sparkling than all of them.  
Putting those aside, I will let you join one of my sport game which I shall name it Komatsu! You will need a small ball and toss it in  mid-air. What I usually do is to catch the ball before it lands and then you have to slide through the grass*Ziiiiii Zaaaaaa 
My dad’s friend Ushicou comes to visit us very often. I wonder what does he eats all the time to emit such a strong flavor when he drops by. Anyway he is my dad’s best friend and Muco’s playmate. His appearance is scary but he helps my dad to create a personal webpage for his studio. I believe in his talent when he displays my cute photo on it.  
 Then there is this girl who irritates me a lot when she visits Komatsu’s studio. She orders drink and asks for menu in our studio. Komatsu kicks me out from the studio when I show my disgruntled face to her. Muco did not do anything wrong to deserve such treatment. She is evil. I will not let her gets close to my dad.
 I have been talking for so long and I am hungry now. Please visit us at Komatsu’s Studio to look for Muco to play. I am excited and cannot wait to show you what I have in my yard. Please do not tell Komatsu. This is just between you and me. Promise? 
Written by SnoringSeal

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3 comments to ''Shiba Of The Month : Muco"

  1. I always want a dog like that or a golden retriever
    They are so cute

    1. shiba is abit tough to pet in hot countries.. unlike japan which has four season haha.. golden also very tricky... always sheer fur.. eeee