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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #258: Saber Zero Ver. (Good Smile Company)

After unboxing and reviewing the cute and cuddly Saber Lion Nendoroid previously, perhaps its fitting that this post features the most masculine version of Saber yet, complete with her black suit, sleek motorbike and a set of stern expressions to boot. This version of Saber made her first appearance in Ufotable's Fate/Zero anime and the Nendoroid also includes the iconic reinforced Yamaha motorcycle she uses in an epic chase scene that occurs towards the end of the second season.

I was re-introduced to the Fate/Stay Night franchise via Fate/Zero, after having watched the Unlimited Blade Works anime some time ago. Bastardised viewing order aside, the prequel ignited my interest in the franchise, with the ending leaving me with enough questions to warrant a complete playthough of the visual novel. Fate/Zero's Saber is completely different from the one that most people know, lacking her usual humorous qualities, which is understandable given the circumstances of the anime.

The packaging sports the usual pre-No. 300 design and there's even a pose suggestion for collectors who own the Saber Super Movable Edition Nendoroid along with the the Fate/Zero one. Other than that, there's nothing outstanding about the box's design, showcasing the usual host of poses and information.

But what caught my eye when I was unboxing the Nendoroid would be the addition of an extra base, as part of the Nendoroid line's 300th figure anniversary at that time. An extra base is included with every Nendoroid purchased between December 2012 and January 2013. 

The catch here is that the Nendoroid purchased has to be from a specified list. Fortunately, Saber Zero Ver. happens to be on that list and as luck would have it, the base sporting a road graphic is included with mine. The other two bases feature a classroom floor and a dirt track, far from ideal in this Nendoroid's case.

Other than the extra base included at the back, what immediately caught my eye in the blister pack would be Saber's armoured motorcycle and windswept hairpiece. Naturally, her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur is thrown in along with the usual host of arms, hands and legs.

Upon closer inspection, I realised that Good Smile Company probably took inspiration from the Saber Motored Cuirassier scale figure they created in the same year. The Saber Zero Ver. Nendoroid is a scaled down, chibi version of the figure but loses none of the intricacy and attention to detail. The motorcycle looks just as sleek and menacing and her windswept hair accessory even has a spot on the top for you to attach her signature ahoge.

Including the motorcycle for the final pose was a no-brainer and I immediately replicated the scale figure's pose. This is perhaps the Nendoroid with the most dynamic pose in my collection. Saber's windswept hair, blazer and stern expression are able to replicate the memorable chase scene in the anime. Fortunately, the photos turned out great no matter the angle, even with my mediocre skills in photography.

A final plus point would be how easy it is to pose the Nendoroid. Attaching the bent leg parts and arms allowed Saber to sit comfortably on the motorcycle and since her right arm is inserted into the handle, she won't be falling off anytime soon.

I'm approaching the halfway point for my list of Saber Nendoroid unboxings and I hope to complete the collection during my trip to Japan in two months' time.

Written by ET

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