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A Little Twisted Winter

Winter elicits a love-hate relationship with people. The sight of falling snow over some little town in the middle of the night may well be a romantic memory, yet when the snow becomes deeper, one simply wishes that their boots would remain intact while trying frantically to get out. Unless there is somebody else, fearless and determined, who would reassure with a big, warm, tight, (insert your favourite adjective here) hug. Nothing wrong with imagining a fairytale situation. Romance may be dead for some people, but there is always a chance for resurrection, sort of. There is something about the cold, bitter, brutal, (insert another adjective here) season which makes some people forget about certain things. Ironically so.

Then, somebody might just decide to come knocking with a love confession. "Would you please go out with me? I mean, I have been prancing around in this horrid weather, freezing my brains about whether I should just...oh jeez, I mean, I kind, I really like you, so yeah, would you go out with me? This letter is just a formality, and I so dig the pink heart in the middle...I spent a lot of time thinking over it. There was light pink, pale pink, pink, medium pink, dark pink, and nightmarish pink. All pink. Eventually, I went with pink. I just wanted to pass this to you, and yeah, about my question earlier...hmm, what was that? Oh, you are going out with somebody? Ah ha ha ha, are you kidding me? I can't believe what I have just heard! Ah ha ha ha..." Readers, kindly imagine the ending in your heads. I have deemed it too explicit to be posted here.  

I really want to try making a snowman someday. It just feels the most fitting out of so many possibilities. Of course, I wouldn't really want such a huge snowman. Something a lot more manageable would be good. Then, a bunch of friends could get together and start pelting each other with snowballs. The grand finale would be drinking hot chocolate and munching on steaming pork buns. Destroying the snowman is entirely optional. I recommend pouring some leftover hot chocolate over its head. I call the method Chocolate Sundae. The whole process should be pretty swift.  

Doing nothing in particular also seems like a great idea, especially when one doesn't have much going on but still wouldn't mind the mundaneness of it. I saw this little girl taking a break from walking her pet cub the other day. Her pet cub was happily eating a bar of chocolate. It looked really delicious. The chocolate I mean. The time was close to sunset, and the landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. I stared at this picture for a good fifteen seconds before deciding to save it.

Towards the end of the day, perhaps what the heart really desires is to get away. As mentioned earlier, some people would rather forget about certain things. Problems may be unresolved. Relationships may be left hanging. Odds and ends. Yet, a time of solitude is best appreciated in a season like this. Numbness, no matter how temporary, is just about the only wish that could be easily fulfilled. Let the snow cover all the insecurities. Once it melts, perhaps by then people would have thought things through.

Winter is such a brief escapade. Nonetheless, the impression of it is eternal.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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