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Sadako vs. Kayako

Many years ago (don't bother doing the math), a tidal wave of horror rushed onto the shore and travelled way beyond the civilisation's imagination. The damage was unmeasurable, but there was something intriguing though in a morbid sense lingering shamelessly in the air, hence creating an influence which would become timeless and surprisingly refreshing even in the loop. If anybody were to ask what it was specifically that caught on so tightly and never loses its charm, the eyeball would be my response. Yeah, I'm talking about the notoriously (in)famous Sadako and that singular eyeball. Times have changed drastically since then, and now it is no longer about her eyeball. Well, in the first place it wasn't really focused on that. The central theme was a travelling curse bestowed on numerous victims.

Why am I talking about Sadako...I mean The Ring? Well, maybe both. Just recently, I stumbled upon an article that touched on what looked like a crossover movie project featuring Sadako and Kayako (from Ju-On) aptly titled 'Sadako vs. Kayako', which is due June 2016. In my mind, I was definitely screaming my approval. Not that I have ever watched Ju-On. Yeah, I know. I just don't feel inclined towards the other long-haired woman...I mean, ghost. Then, there is that creepy kid. Some would think that it is rather peculiar to be turned off by such occurrences when Sadako herself isn't necessarily less unsettling to take in. I don't have an explanation. But I can say that Sadako to a certain extent commands considerable unique fandom which challenges a person's loyalty. Not that anything would happen to anybody if they weren't.   

It is also worth noting that the idea was originally nothing but an April Fools' joke. Observing the trend of iconic movie villains battling against each other in somewhat incredulous situations, this pair looks all set to represent the whole of Japanese cinema. When times are changing rapidly, everything in those fundamentals needs a big furbish. Has anybody heard of the list of ways to finish off Sadako? Back in those days, classmates and friends would have such a great laugh out of it. Unplugging the television. Pushing the television towards an open window. Destroying the television. Blah blah blah. Well, I suppose that a better way would be to simply bash her head back in. And keep bashing until she sort of disappears. Okay, so she doesn't want to disappear. Somebody help?

As for Kayako, I'm (not really) sorry to say that since I don't follow any of her stories, there is nothing which I could possibly squeeze a comment on. Well, maybe just one; Kayako's make-up would probably win a Halloween award or something as compared to Sadako whose only identifiable scare element is that frozen eyeball. Hmm, Kayako has rather flexible limbs, hasn't she? She could probably race against the spider-walking Regan from The Exorcist. Yeah, just a quick crawl down the spiral staircase would do. Blood isn't necessary though. And the creepy kid...well, one of these days I might just do a quick google on him. I remember seeing him once in Scary Movie 4. Not the same thing I know, but still I saw him.

Yeah, the kid got burnt on the hand in a timely fashion by Anna Faris. Ouch. Never mind. Anyway, it has been a long, long time since I last watched a horror movie properly. I should really dig out those memories and prepare myself...well, I'm sure that the battle between Sadako and Kayako will make its way to our local screens. I miss the good old horror movies. Japanese ones especially. Let's hope that this one hits really hard. Anybody anticipating the two ghosts attempting to eat each other up as well? Even though there is still quite a long time before anything of that sort happens. Meanwhile, the trenches await.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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