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Sexiest Military Man Figures in Human History?

Uniform fetishes has always been one of the few looming over the anime industry and there are a lot of figures featuring men in them. The result? They are usually jaw-dropping, mouth-watering men clad in tight-fitting uniforms that make fangirls swoon and dreamily throw money at the figure companies. Any male would probably look 10000 times better in a military uniform. Sadly, it is usually the same few who get these figures from the companies.

A classic example of this would be Lelouch from Code Geass.
He gets a spotlight as a one of the G.E.M. series by MegaHouse. His price was an affordable 8k yen then but has since at least doubled in price. But if are like me and can't wrap your head around military uniforms being in full white, fret not!
Here's a black one.
Lelouch, being one of the most popular guys for the military figure option, comes in a nearly full-black alternative too. This one is an upcoming figure by Kotobukiya, with an elaborate outfit and a pretty base, planned to be released in 2017 with a mind-boggling price of 12k yen (though that price is quite the norm nowadays...)

Not a fan of Lelouch? Try Suzaku!
He's by AlphaxOmega and went for 8.5k yen in his original release back in 2012. Now he commands an aftermarket price of 36k yen on Solaris Japan (one of the most over-priced figure stores in my honest opinon) or nearly USD$300 from fellow collectors. Take your pick!

Gintama is probably the next most popular alternative for figure companies because of its large fanbase and drool-worthy characters. And the most popular character of choice is obviously Hijikata. He has many figures but I shall be lazy here and pick only one to comment on.
This is a G.E.M. by MegaHouse and went for 7.8k yen in 2013. He was re-released in 2016 at a price of 9k yen (limited and exclusive). The price difference can be attributed mainly to exchange rates and increase in material cost. This is possibly also why Kotobukiya's Lelouch had a stark price difference from MegaHouse's copy too.

Going back to this figure, Hijikata has a slight price increase. Going above his price in pre-orders, he is now around 11k for an opened and possibly used copy.

Okita Sougo is probably one of the more popular Gintama characters to get the figure attention for military-based figures as well.
Okita was granted a place in the G.E.M. series in 2010 for 6.8k yen. He was released again in 2013 for the same price of 6.8k yen. As of now, he has seen a price drop in the aftermarket.

A third series I would like to highlight is Owari no Seraph. The series has many military uniforms but they haven't been getting good figure attention. The company making them isn't a very renowned brand with good reputation, but a company nevertheless -- Union creative International Ltd (Mens Hdge).

Let's start the ball rolling with the villain, Ferid.
Is he really a villain O.O;;
From a figure company which usually has very gross end-products that look very different from the prototype, we have Ferid in their line of Mens Hdge. He is priced at 11k yen, released in 2016, and has a plain black triangular base.

He has a second head if you'd like to pose him with fangs too. But from what I read from comments about this figure, he seems to be of mediocre quality, akin to a prize figure.

Buy it or not? It's your calling. I'm not a fan of Ferid =w=)/

A second ambassador of black triangular bases is the protagonist of Owari no Seraph, Yuuichirou.
Don't you dare talk bad about Union!
Good thing is, he is one of the better quality figures by Union. He was priced at 9k yen, released this year (2016) and has not had much price fluctuations since. If you like this character and the pose, go for it. You can bundle him with Mika as well. Just be sure to check out a few reviews about his quality first though because Union sure is notorious in that aspect.

Last Owari no Seraph figure to be mentioned here is Guren.
Sexy, sexy Guren. He went for 9k yen and is released in 2016 too. He seems to be able to stand without his base but in that case, the sword might slip around so be careful if you are displaying him as such. On a side note, he is facing a slight price drop which isn't unexpected, considering the company and the static pose he has.

Not enough for you?

Enjoy these solidarity bishounen military boys then.

Fushimi and Misaki from K, by Alter.

My favorite character from K. Absolutely drool-worthy.
 Atobe from Prince of Tennis, by Alter again.
Pair me with Erina for the best display ever. We are the Prom King and Queen.
Did you call?
Julius from God Eater 2, by Phat.
He took a long time to get sculpted and an even longer time to get painted. He might be coming with an additional hand part to pose him using his God Arc but I'll need to wait till he is released to find out.

We are also expecting Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist by Kotobukiya, and Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu from D.Gray Man by Aniplex.

Other honorable mentions are Shingeki no Kyojin, Hakuouki, Togainu no Chi and Hetalia.

And if you are not into the typical English military clothes, try the Japanese kind with Senbonzakura.
Those stockings though.
And if that's not your thing too, perhaps you can turn to... Touken Ranbu?

Which is your favorite style and figure? Let me know if I missed out any of your favorite male figures in military attire!

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