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Ooya-san wa Shishunki!

Hello readers. Two weeks have gone by since the beginning of 2016. Over here, we are preparing to usher in the lunar new year which falls on early February. Again, I'm not overly fond of the festivities, and I'm awfully certain that in one way or another I would probably need an oxygen mask and an unwavering poker face to survive. Quite unfortunately, the joys and anticipation of celebrating the holidays have long faded into the air. I don't know what had caused such sentiments, but I hope that there is something out there which could relieve me of the dreadful spell when the time comes. Anyway, the radar is beeping with some new discoveries. Anime and manga make the best companions, says the guy who isn't even an otaku to begin with.

Recently, a few threads have seen quite a handful of comments lamenting about too much brevity in some of the new anime titles. Yeah, I still wonder why those big shots find so much pleasure in producing episodes which after taking away the opening and closing credits are barely over a minute long each. It is honestly pretty painful to sit through something that feels like vapour. Worse, some folks might think that those episodes are merely extended trailers. I have to admit that I used to mistake a couple of anime titles for trailers. Another form of culture shock, perhaps? Today, I want to share some of that shock with you guys. Hold the eggs and tomatoes please.

First in line is Ooya-san wa Shishunki!, which is adapted from the four-panel manga series created by manga artist Minase Ruruu. I should have seen that coming though. I mean, I'm such a huge sucker for four-panel manga that somewhere in my throbbing veins is a progressively brewing impulse constantly threatening to escape from my conscience, so that it could get those titles dropping into the imaginary shopping cart. Before anything of that sort happens, let me quickly give an overview of this series. So yeah, each episode runs for two minutes. No more, no less. Moving on.

Huh? You are asking what it is about? Let's see, a young salaryman moves into an apartment building whose landlord is surprisingly just a middle schooler. The man is called Maeda, and the landlord is Tanaka Chie. Naturally, Maeda is rather skeptical yet still intrigued by her presence in the building. It is implied in the first episode of the anime that there is an incident leading up to Chie's position as the landlord. She candidly tells Maeda that he should as much as possible minimise any trouble in the house. Another character is also introduced at this point: Shirai Reiko. Reiko warns Maeda not to harbour any weird thoughts of Chie just because she is cute.  

As with other painfully short anime, this one would be better appreciated if you go dig for the original manga series. Presently, five tankoubon volumes have been published, with the newest being released just recently on January 7th. I might give the anime a little more time to exude its appeal on me though. Two minutes. Jeez, I simply can't imagine that an entire season's worth (assuming that it runs for 12 episodes) is equivalent to a full-length episode of an average anime series. Oh well, let's just see how it turns out over time!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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