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「Mobage」Princess Principal (Puripuri): Game of Mission

I think that it's rare for an anime airing in the season it gets a game in and perhaps this suggests that Princess Principal is popular enough for this. Surely, based on the anime, it has a mysterious feel about it that just drags the viewer into the atmosphere and winds up wanting to know more about the franchise. Perhaps it is this part of it that makes it interesting!

This new mobage is called Princess Principal Game of Mission, and as the name suggests, it is a game where you (as a player) go on mission alongside the main cast and more.
The main gameplay for the game is largely fixated on puzzles, where you match a number of same-color orbs to move in the map. As seen in the image above, enemies will be placed around the map and when you move within range of the enemy during your turn, you will be able to attack them.

Matching same color orbs will get other team members to lend their help during attacking in that turn, as well as help to charge the gauge of your team and when the gauge is full, you can then unleash their respective skills.
Player-wise, you can choose between male and female and you can change this later in the game as well. In addition, you will be seeing your character moving on the puzzle board so be sure to choose a gender that sits well with you.

I would also like to add that the animation for the scouting is quite nice to watch but it appears for even single-scouting which may make it too long and repetitive at times. However, just like most gacha games, scouting 10-times guarantees at least 1 5-star card (SR), but for the first scouting round, there is a 6-star of every main girl featured in the anime.
But it's such time when you get a whole bunch of SR but no SSR that you wonder if your luck is okay or is it sheer crap.
Well, at least... even the Rares look magical~
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