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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (Good Smile Company)

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Brown and navy are the two main colors I associate with Mitsutada, mainly due to his navy hair and gold eyes. Other than that, the box is a standard Nendoroid box, with brown on the front and navy sides.
He comes with 2 faceplates, several changes of hands and legs as well as a sheathed and unsheathed sword. I really wish that Touken Ranbu Nendoroids can go back to those days when they came with a Code as well as food accessories!


The point I love about Touken Ranbu Nendoroids would be that they don't come with standard plain Nendoroid bases and their bases are actually representative of the character! In this picture you can also view how detailed his hair is, but I'll cover that in a later section instead.

Posing and Assembly
Assembling the figure is simply putting it onto the base. For my copy, there are no parts that are overly loose or tight, which made Mitsutada really easy to assemble! However, about posing, there are not many options for Mitsutada as he comes with very few parts.
Looking at him from different angles can make him look like he is in the middle of a heated battle or like he is battling to protect someone behind his back. However, Mitsutada does come with more than just simple default and battle faceplates, but also with a faceplate that has a troubled expression!
Even in the exact same expression as those two images above with his battle expression, he gives off a very different feel. He looks like he is in a friendly duel with another Touken Ranbu Nendoroid! Now I'm just waiting for Nendoroid Ookurikara to have a prototype and be open for pre-orders.

Sculpting and Assembly

The details on Mitsutada's hair sculpt is incredibly amazing. Not only does it have details from the top, it also carefully sculpts out each strand until it reaches the end. The hair seam is quite well hidden as well and isn't all that obvious unless you are focusing on finding it. This is especially so if you are viewing him displayed face on or from the back.
This image is the same as before but instead of the base, I'll like to focus more on his eye-patch clip. As you can view, it's not just a simple clip but it does have a design to it. Sculpting such a small object onto a 10 centimeters tall Nendoroid is no easy feat, but sculpting such an intricate design onto this small clip is really, really difficult!
I would like to use this image, albeit from a strange angle, to show how his attire is. His attire is mostly dark, with some leather pieces in dark brown as well. The inner red of his coat gives a very nice contrast against his other dark colors. This is also accentuated by the red squares on the plates on Mitsutada's hips.

The brown knots and tassels over his chest and hips are in great detail, showing how the different parts of the strings interlock and run together. However, I cannot deny that it would be more realistic if they were a little thinner to match with the rest of the size of the Nendoroid.


I do enjoy this Nendoroid, although I wish that he came with more parts. Regardless of this, I am currently waiting for the scale of Mitsutada from Kotobukiya before I finalize how I'll like to display them together!

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