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4 Exam-Type Behaviors ~ Miwa Haruka

While doing my invigilation duty in school, I observed some of the behaviors exhibited by the students as they sat through the nerve-wrecking two to three hours. Back when I was doing my bachelors, I experienced the roller-coaster feeling of stress and exhilaration. No matter how prepared I was, the last few hours before entering the exam hall was stressful and once the exam was finished, a huge sigh of relief followed. I wondered why did I place myself in such a position of stress but it was worth it when I worn that graduation gown and received my hard-earned degree.

Back to some of the behaviors that I observed, I sketched and had Miwa chan in the thick of the action. There are 4 types of behaviors that I came up with. Of course there may be many but I haven't encounter them. 

I call it Type A - They always wear an extra layer of clothes, sweater or pullover.
Type B - They are super relaxed and they seem to be drawing something rather than taking exam. Time stood still for them (Their heads rest on the table. Gaby told me she had a hard time drawing that as there were no references ^_*)

Type C - The Achievers, the Super Cool (Posture upright, constant pace and not rushing)
 Do you have classmates who seem to grasp any subjects fast and need not study so much and yet score very high marks. These super smart and confident people are Type C!

Type D - These are a rare group of people or the "cute" type. Usually, they are susceptible to running nose and more so during exam (and usually the exam hall are very cold). But they come fully prepared - with a pack of tissue papers. And then some pieces would be stuck into the nose +_+, and used tissue papers scattered around the desk. ^_^

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So which exam-type behaviors do you belong to? Do you know any of your classmates whom belong to any of these types?

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