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Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deresute) Transform Your Favorite Passion Cards Into Figures

To All,

Here is the last and final post to my Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls for the Passion side. Idolm@ster always has a wide range of girls, which is a blessing when you consider how there would be a higher chance to meet someone you love in the production, but a curse if you have to review them one by one. Luckily for me, Idolm@ster has such pretty cards that it just makes me excited to share them with more people!

Honda Mio
The color suits Mio's image color perfectly and her pose is Mio-esque. If as a figure, I can just imagine how the frills, folds and creases on her skirt would easily transform this into a dynamic figure. Not to mention that by simply looking at Mio's face, I'm getting a lot of encouragement and energy to continue with my assignments!

Akagi Miria
Miria is such a innocent girl, yet amazingly reliable older sister for her siblings. She actually reminds me a little of Yayoi from 765pro :)

This outfit clearly brings out her innocence yet bubbly self! The ribbons, frills and wise choice of color scheme adds on to Miria's cuteness. The amount of detail on her outfit would make a beautiful figure if they were well preserved!
The simple design of the wedding-themed dress matched with the rainbow colors make Miria seem elegant yet still having the child-like innocence she comes with. The frills on her layered skirt and the soft, smooth and silky outer material of the dress seems like it would be a pain to nail down in figures but would end up looking awesome if they could!

Moroboshi Kirari
I love her accessories in this. The colors match her well and they feel like items which Kirari would pick for herself. Most of all, I'm looking forward to how this costume would flow and look on a real figure instead of merely in 2D digital art. But something tells me that as a figure, this would look better in another pose instead of this.

Jougasaki Rika
This outfit would probably not be one you would find nice on someone of Rika's age, but when matched with her "want-to-be-a-sexy-adult" mindset, I can definitely picture why she would end up with such a design. Nevertheless, that's not to say that this doesn't look good on her. The red is bright and sets a nice contrast against her skin. The gold accentuates the red and makes this attire even more festive than it already is. However, the most crucial part of this figure for me would be her stockings. From what little I can make of them, the design already seems like something I'll like. If this ever gets made into a figure, I'll like to see how they sculpt and paint out the rest of the stockings and what shoes they'll choose to go with them!

Jougasaki Mika

I initially never intended to cover Mika in this as she isn't officially one of the girls bonded under the Cinderella Girls Project, however I couldn't resist giving her her own little snippet after examining her cards. She has several cards in kimono/yukata and as a huge fan of traditional clothes, I found myself unable to resist them.

The Kanzashi (hair accessory) in the first and last picture looks amazing to me. I'll like to find out how they'll sculpt the fluffy feathery parts of the kanzashi in the third picture, but for now I'll just let my imagination run wild.

Also, there is some charm in miniskirts yukata which I'm starting to appreciate, and while I don't fully enjoy Mika's pose in the second picture, I can't deny that the color and style actually looks very good on her.

And so, that brings today's section of this (as well as the whole Idolm@star Cinderella Girls series of articles about figures) to an end. I hope that many of you have gained more interest in the game through these cards, and I applaud those who have started or are continuing the game!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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