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Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear

I had a peculiar dream one night. I dreamed of a talking bear and its human girl companion, walking right in the middle of a quiet, dense forest. The human girl was wearing a rather cumbersome costume, and holding some sort of a weapon on one hand. She walked in front of the bear, seemingly deep in thought. Her pace was a little slow, but not uncomfortable. The bear simply followed. The sparse conversation between them was quite a refresher for the ears. One might think that it was a romantic couple enjoying the usual bickering. I realised that the bear was acting as a guardian to the human girl. There was a strong, protective aura circling the trail where they were walking on.

Then, I had found myself at their home. It doubled as a shrine, and the human girl was in fact the miko, or shrine maiden. That explained the peculiar set of clothes which she was wearing. The bear sat down, while the miko disappeared behind a little room. There was a relaxing vibe about the place. It was a clean, modest, quietly inviting environment. The human girl returned shortly, and both started on their routine of odds and ends. It was unbelievable yet glaringly realistic. I wasn't bored, despite not being able to join in their interesting activities. I simply observed. The charm was breathtaking. I couldn't stop listening to the talking bear. It made so much sense, though in a somewhat comedic manner.

It turned out that the human girl, otherwise known as Machi, had a desire of continuing her education in the city. She was feeling all weary of the countryside, having spent her formidable years 'stranded'. That wish was quickly refuted by the talking bear, otherwise known as Natsu. Natsu countered that Machi was overly ignorant of what was going on outside of her world, and it would be nothing but a disaster should she be allowed to go to school in the city. Naturally, Machi refused to take back her words. A rather heated argument ensued, with neither side willing to give in to the other. There was still an odd hilarity to all that. I couldn't help but snicker.

Natsu sure had several things hidden around the house. I didn't know that there was a pop quiz designed for the aspiring city girl. The incredulous expression on Machi was just too much. Yeah, Natsu was incredibly well-informed, well-read and observant, which was also extremely rare for...well, a bear. Anyway, the quiz didn't turn out favourably, and Machi wasn't too pleased with that little set-up. Nonetheless, the day still went on its way. It seemed like Natsu's presence was a deliberately open secret yet still somewhat hidden fact from some people. Apparently, there was this particular group of children that had been unaware of a talking bear in the neighbourhood.  

Eventually, I woke up from my peculiar dream. It was quite a whirlwind experience, but good and memorable. Machi and Natsu had made such an impression, so refreshingly unique that it would be hard not to remember any of that. I discovered that their stories had been shared around as well. The dream lives on. It would be nice to meet them again, and again.  

This is Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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