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Figure Unboxing: Megahouse Midorima Shintarou

Hi everyone! Nana here! It's been some time since my last unboxing post. I'm finally nearing the end of my Megahouse KnB series! Midorima is the second last one~ Unfortunately for Shin-chan, I did not want to get non-GOM/Kagami, so I never did purchase his partner-in-basketball, Takao.

I'm sure you are all familiar with the Megahouse KnB series by now, seeing as I've covered everyone from Kagami to the rest of the GOM minus Akashi. So today, let's just enjoy the pictures and some short commentary!

My favourite part about this figurine is the extra glasses! Of course, one has to take very special care so as not to misplace them.

As expected, Midorima is poised to score that 3-pointer. He's got big guns! Well, since his scoring is more reliant on his amazingly accurate throws than jumps, it's understandable. I wonder if his surprisingly muscular arms were designed on purpose? After all, from other angles, they look a little more proportionate.

The different angles showcase the painting and sculpting well, doesn't it? Oftentimes, as I take photos of my figurines from this series, I marvel at the realistic clothing folds and meticulous painting.

I always show closeups of their shoes, although I have realised that none in the series are on par with Kagami's gorgeously detailed Air Jordans. That said, I definitely do enjoy the added touch of realism when even the shoelaces are rendered with such detail.

The aura of a serious man exudes from Midorima, even in figurine form. From his frown to his ramrod straight posture, one can expect great discipline from him! A sure sign of it is the way his jersey top is perfectly tucked into his jersey pants.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos of him without his glasses. However, you can spot him without them from some of the first few images! A glasses-less Midorima is strange to me however. I find his face a little flat and plain.

In conclusion, even though Midorima is a little lacklustre compared to the other figurines in the series, he is still well-executed overall and I am very glad to have him as part of my rainbow squad of genius basketballers!

Written by Nana

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