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Figure Unboxing and Review: Love Live! School Idol Festival Toujou Nozomi 1/7 scale (Alter)

Alter's line of Love Live! scale figures have been impressive, especially the ones drawing inspiration from the girls' outfits in the Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game. Each figure is immaculately sculpted and Kotori's one is even getting a re-release later this year, to say the least about her popularity. Fortunately, my favourite girl in μ's is Nozomi instead and the 'idolised' China Dress card is one of her prettiest Super Rares right now. She was the last figure I snapped up while visiting Akihabara late last year, after comparing prices intensively over two days.

For some reason, I neglected to take a picture of the box's front but you'll be seeing a lot of the figure anyway so you're not missing much. The back sports the usual list of information such as the scale, sculptor and paint master. There's also Nozomi's autograph, adding a cute touch to the otherwise bland packaging. Additionally, I prefer Alter's transparent boxes. They look a lot sleeker and they also allow you to see the whole figure and spot any potential defects right off the bat.

After opening the boxes of more than ten Nendoroids over the past year, I'm surprised to see a blister pack this simple. Not having to assemble anything for once is a relief, especially when I lack deft hands. What you see is what you get and Alter even included the paper talismans from her card. Collectors have criticised the base for being too bland but I'm all for letting the figure hog the limelight instead.

Surprisingly, the talismans fit snugly and even my fan on full blast doesn't blow them away. The rest of the figure is perfectly sculpted and painted, thanks to Alter's quality control. There are no blemishes or defects of any sort and it looks exactly like what you see in the official photographs. I daresay the figure looks a lot better than the illustration in School Idol Festival. I can see why collectors fork out hundreds for quality scale figures after seeing the attention to detail on Nozomi, from the way her body is contoured to the lacquered finish on her boots.

Fortunately, Alter doesn't have complete control over my bank account just yet, or at least not till the inevitable release of scale figures featuring the girls from Aquors. I'm looking forward to what Alter has in store for February's Wonder Festival, but my wallet sure isn't.

Written by ET

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