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Popin Cookin: Taiyaki & Dango

Hello fellas!

Today I bring you something a little different; an episode of popin cookin! I was shopping at Liang Court the other day and I spotted popin cookin packs for sale! They're usually quite expensive I think, ranging from six dollars to ten generally, but these were on sale for about five bucks only!! 

There were only two of the series available, and today I'm doing the Taiyaki and Dango one! It's super cute, and is perfect for a lazy afternoon when you have nothing better to do. One thing to note though, it's better to check if a microwave or oven is needed, since a bit of cooking is required for the taiyaki. 

The instructions are printed on the back of the box in Japanese, but if you need an English translation, they have a helpful link for you to follow!

The packaging is very user-friendly, plus almost every bit of the packaging can be reused for something else. For example, the general packaging doubles up as a plate to display the foods, and also for you to measure out the portions needed. 

Okiedokie, let's get started! 

First off, split all the small packaging up. The color of the powder mix doesn't match up to the colors on the box, but I'll list them down: 

Orange: Taiyaki 
Red: Strawberry
Pink: Mochi
Blue: Drink
Brown: Chocolate
Purple: Dango syrup

The next step of preparation before you start the actual 'cooking' steps is to first cut up all the things requested. Cut up the white plastic box, and the general plastic sheet too. This is so you don't end up holding the mochi dough and having no measurement sheet to place them on later. 

As per the instructions, I did the mixing for the strawberry jelly that was supposed to go into the daifuku. Once I opened the package, the strawberry smell just filled the whole room. It wasn't an unpleasant smell, rather, I thought it smelt quite legit. So, a little bit of water, strawberry powder, and let the whole mixture set while you get the other items ready. It's quite cute because there are little bumps on the side of the berry, much like the seeds.

Next up was the mochi powder! I think I might have been a little short of water as the mochi was still quite patchy. It was workable though, so I didn't want to try to add and ruin everything. Split the mochi into two portions- one for the daifuku and one for the dango. 

Then was the difficult part of mixing the taiyaki. Actually the difficult part was just the microwaving bit, I think I under-microwaved mine ): It was still quite squishy when I took it out of the mold. But it looks not bad, eh?

Then I had to mix the chocolate, but first I had to clean out the mixing container, which is a pain cos the taiyaki mix was very sticky. The chocolate was AMAZING tho, it smells amazing but the taste, meh. Next was to mix the sugar syrup for the dango, and luckily I could use the taiyaki mold for this. 

Then came the assembling. Be careful with the dango sauce because it is super sweet and sticky, and I accidentally spill it all over my shirt. The chocolate sauce is used for both the taiyaki and the daifuku.

OH last is the drink! Simple pimple, just mix the powder into water and tadah! Blue soda!

Taste test:

The daifuku was really really nice, I ate the whole thing in one bite, and regretted not taking smaller bites ):

The taiyaki was not bad, but the texture of the dough could have been better. Prolly my fault with the cooking. I took four bites to eat the whole thing, and was actually quite filling. The dango was probably the worst of them all, the syrup was really too sweet. I suppose if you put lesser syrup it might be better. The soda was so nice!!!! Tasted like the ones you can get from daiso. 

Overall not too bad for something meant for kids (I think!) If you have an afternoon off and are looking for something fun to do, you should really try this. Next up I'll be doing the donut version, so stay tuned for that! 

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives 

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