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PSO2: Braver and all class weapon type, Gunslash

Being a space age MMORPG, it is easy to forget that PSO2 is actually a Japanese game. Well the hybrid class Braver is probably as Japanese as the game could get. 

Braver came with the new race, Dewman, with horns and odd eyes. Before this, there were Human, Newman, (think space elves), and Cast (mechas). Now it looks like this.

Braver uses the traditional Katana and Bow, relics of wartime Japan. Of course they look space age to be in line with the visuals of the game.And this is the best example of that.

Katana has slashes that covers an entire area, high speed homing slashes and even battojutsu, like Ronin Kenshin. It appeals to players all over the world.

Bullet bows more resemble the bows in modern day archery. The picture above was from the Fate collaboration period. I will cover them too at a later day. 

Bullet bows are versatile. Hit for hit they are hopelessly weak. It is their skills and their Rapid Shoot mode, which gains PP very fast, that gives them the edge. 

Raiko looks like a circle of taikos until you fire an arrow. It s probably one of the largest bows in the game. 

I have apparently forgotten to mention that there is a weapon type that all classes can equip, and that is gun slash. Think Squall's gun blade and you will get it immediately. Now gun slashes can switch between bullets or slashes, but theya re much weaker than class specific weapons. Shorter range slashes and weaker damage. But it is a good backup for certain situations, especially for Summoner, essentially cannot do any damage. 

This dragon head blade really looks like a super robot sword. Ideal if you are using a male Cast. And quite rare too. Next post: Bouncer.

Written by Don

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