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Cosplay Festival 2

The two day free entry for an anime convention was miniature yet the impression was everlasting, cosplayers don in their resplendent attire with fancy props posed appreciatively for the amount of flashing cameras. Uproarious music booming from beyond the stage; it's atmosphere jack up as prodigious performers unfurl their savvy acts whilst massive army of  fans either cheered on or flutter about to different directions. The event went by smooth with comedy skits, more dance performance, judges from different continent gave a speech and cosplay fashion walk. A lucky few able to tagged along a prize at the end of the day with a wide grin plastered on their expressions. 

Onlookers intermingle amidst the cosplayers; their bewildered and enthralled countenance as they gaze upon the various merchandise set up on display at the doujinshi section. More homegrown artists commission off their skills with both original and anime characters design. The neighborhood mall became a hot-spot venue for otaku (myself included) as we congregate to purchase or sight-see on heaps of available items that of which quickly became a sold out material. 

My enthusiasm palpable for the special occasion to which my family members reassigned themselves to be hauled along whereas I gladly bestowed my sacred knowledge about anime. Thankfully, they thoroughly rejoiced the convention much to my inner self that sweated profusely. At one point, my sharp gaze glinted from behind the glasses rim when Hakuouki came across my visage; an unhealthy obsession possessed me to frantically search for my precious husbando's collection as the time dragged on for more than 3 uneventful hours. Dejection swallowed me whole, because there wasn't any merchandise of him and my hunger pang forced me to shuffle away from a pair of huge carton boxes. 

The store keeper might heaved a sigh of relief; either she was amazed and deeply moved by my fledgling loyalty towards my one true love or perhaps slightly disturbed by my blustering reddish hued expression. Due to body heat, my body swayed from the verge of faint and almost toppled into the box even as the mall pumped chilled air-conditioner.

Similar to any deranged fan, I merrily take off after unsuspecting cosplayers for my picture ever-growing album collections. Their friendly stature doused my self-consciousness. Isn't Hinata looking extremely adorable beside Naruto? 

Next time, I planned on attending the next convention with my cosplay outfit just because the urge to don in one overwhelmed me during a certain moment and regret settled deep in my heart. Cosplay Festival 2 had been more fun than I initially expected due to the enclosed structure and sooner or later hope to visit more upbeat conventions in the near future. To be a part of such a happening community where we are able to share the same adoration and admiration for this hobby; anime, cosplay and game allowed me to be experience a "homecoming" sensation. Have you visited Cosplay Festival 2? I would love to hear from you. 

Written by, Rugi chan

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