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Idealistic Realism: Classmates & Friends (K-ON! Special)

This will be a special tribute to the fabulous girls of K-ON!, whether they are in high school or college. You may call it a borderline obsession of sorts, considering that I've got at least 2.5 write-ups on the franchise. I wish to tap on the subject of classmates and friends, but instead of combining with girls from other anime and / or manga series, I just want to emphasise on After School Teatime and Wakaba Girls. Allow me to heighten the awareness (?) of any slight possibility of sharing three years of my school life with them (in my fluffy dreams).

I've mentioned before that I wouldn't mind becoming the emcee for After School Teatime's concert. Sawako-sensei might have to find me a costume though, because technically Sakuragaoka is an all-girls high school. I could bribe...I mean, assist Nodoka-chan in student matters in exchange for permanent access to anything pertaining to After School Teatime. No worries Ui, I shan't snatch your beloved onee-chan away from you! I'm more intrigued by the chemistry among the girls. Besides, there's something so lazy...I mean, motivating about indulging in meaningful (?) gluttony before anything else. Okay, so that bears repeating time after time.

In my opinion, even though there isn't really a leading lady (the characters are more of an ensemble), I would like to temporarily shine a spotlight on Yui. Strictly speaking, if it wasn't for Yui's curiosity which ultimately led her to become the crucial 4th member, the Light Music Club wouldn't have resurfaced (although the same could be said for the other girls). That reminds me, the front cover of the first volume of the manga features a strikingly kawaii Yui with her Gita (a wordplay on guitar). I'm rather tickled by Yui's general oblivion towards a lot of things which usually worries the remaining cast. I think that she would make an extremely loyal friend though, considering her sheer determination concerning band matters and relationships. I love her interaction especially with Nodoka-chan and Ui.

Mio and Ritsu resemble two extreme ends of a planet, yet the opposites trigger off so much heat that the damage (?) is often surprisingly comical and in some ways beneficial. Mio may be the easily embarrassed sort, and on several occasions very objective, but her tower is quickly prone to collapse when 'provoked'. In other words, Mio doesn't like being left out in the fun of things, no matter how absurd it may seem. Did I mention that she's also prone to welling up? Anyway, Mio is a studious student who's gone miles just to get Ritsu and Yui's grades back in form. I wouldn't mind being tutored by her. I mean, she's pretty (with long, flowy hair) and cool. I wish I could watch her play Romeo (Yui even had a wordplay on it: RoMIO = Romeo) at the Bunkasai. As for Ritsu, I appreciate her imagination and creativity, even though she often abuses them for benefits.

I'm intrigued by the little mysteries surrounding Tsumugi, or Mugi as affectionately known to her friends. Given her wealthy family background and proper mannerisms, I wouldn't quite imagine any remote derailing of her traits and behaviour, yet Mugi has never failed to surprise me with details. A classic example would be her brute strength that's rather unlikely, since she looks the sort which gets waited on by an entire mansion. She doesn't look like she's got a fitness regime either. I suppose I could count on her to shift heavy loads on my behalf (?) in any case. If not, a cup of freshly brewed tea with an assortment of biscuits would be just as fine.

As for the Wakaba Girls, I find Ui to be the most well-rounded of the group. I mean, is there anything that Ui can't perform? It's little wonder that Yui has almost nothing to worry about in her younger sister's presence.

If school life could take shape of anyone's idealism, let that be After School Teatime and Wakaba Girls sometime.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

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