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PSO2: Shooters, Ranger and Gunner

Now we cover guns , guns and more guns. PSO2 has only two classes where you can wield guns. In the anime, Rina's alter ego, SORO, is both Ranger and Gunner. 

Ranger is the heavy artillery in this game. Weapon types are assault rifles, which shoot in bursts of 3, gaining a considerable amount of Photon Points(PP), what you use to fire skills. Damage is lesser compared to the other weapon type, launchers. 


This particular assault rifle is just beautiful to look at, even when you are not using it. But it is during live firing that you really see the visual appeal.

Dont think that all rifles are like this. The AstraRiser is a fantastic collector's item. Decent stats too.

This particular launcher really looks like a large funnel from the Gundam series. Certain weapons can increase the damage of certain skills. This one is for Cosmos Breaker. Don't worry if you don't know it yet. I will be covering all skills another time with video clips.

Devil May Cry is perhaps one of Capcom's most well known title to date. Slick and stylish, it really pioneered a new genre by itself. How is this relevant? Gunner is essentially PSO2's Dante. Gunner fights right in the enemy's fast. All abilities are about chaining moves, dodging with invincibility frames, damage increasing the longer you continue your dance of bullets, recovering PP too. There's only one weapon type, twin machine guns of course.

Yes, those are machine guns. Sega has really outdone itself here. Kudos to having a producer that is also the art director. I can already see cosplayers drooling.

So this covers the shooters. But there are other long range classes, just that they don't use guns. Next: the hybrids: Braver and Bouncer

Written by Don

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