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Nintendo Switch: Otome Haul

Heyheyhey my little nuggets!! Welcome back to another episode of an old lady's ramblings~ So I was hunting for new games recently, and one that really caught my eye was Cupid Parasite, an otome that is about to drop real soon. 

And then I thought, man I haven't played any otomes on console in a long time (see Hakuoki lol) so I went to look up otomes on the Switch and okokok there are so many!! 

After deliberating for quite some time, I finally ended up with these few titles. I haven't played any of them yet, but when I have, I'll do a more in depth post! For now, I kind of want to do a first impressions, who I'll probably aim for post, and see if I do end up with them. 

I'm also going into this blind, I really picked these titles off the art, VAs, and trailers. So let's start!! 

Piofiore: Fated Memories

Piofiore is set in the Mafia world, and what's better than romance and danger?

I am super stoked for this to reach my hands, I love the art so much. Usually with some otomes, I can pick the character I'll go for right off the bat, but with this, I was thinking so hard about it and I still can't choose! Just going off visuals, I think I might pick Yang.. he gives off this bastard vibe.. for a lack of a better way to describe him. 

I don't know! Dante feels like a tsun, Nicola looks like a playboy, Gil is pretty nice, feels like he'd protecc and attacc. Gil and Yang feel rather similar to me, but Gil sits on the wholesome side, and Yang on the bastard side, if that makes sense. Gil will die for you but Yang will kill for you, I guess? Orlok has the lost puppy vibe to him, kind of cute. 

left to right: nicola, gil, dante, yang, orlok

I prefer Yang's voice too, so I think I'll probably go for him first, then maybe Dante or Gil.. Though I think I would be OK with anyone except Nicola. 

We'll see how the playthrough goes. 

Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth

clockwise: van, impey, lupin, saint germain, victor

Steampunk London!! I love the art!! And outfits, minus the hats. For some reason, I really dislike hats. Maybe because sometimes they cover up so much of the face..? 

Anyway, cover art, off the bat I was drawn to Victor. I really liked Van too, but man his hair is so spikey!!! Also what's with those glasses!!! 

So Victor gives off this aloof guy with a tragic backstory feel, probably the really caring sort. Van? Tsun. The end. Saint Germain, mm, looks like bad news frankly. Has Kuroshitsuji Undertaker vibes. Impey feels like he has too much energy. Lupin has so little shown of him, but he kind of feels a bit like BSD Dazai, I suppose. Although!!! In the other cover art where it's just him and MC, man!!! That was so soft!! 

Ok so I said Victor right, but when I heard the voices!!!! I knew it was going to be Van for me. I looked it up to be sure and yep, it's Junichi Suwabe. Tsun + Suwabe? Ah, what a day to be alive. 

Collar x Malice

clockwise from black: aiji, kageyuki, kei, takeru, mineo

MC is a police officer, nice! 

Ahh I love the art so much, and the colors are so gentle.

Aiji looks like a no nonsense type of person, but really caring at the same time. Kei looks aloof but soft and huggable, like he'd listen to you rant and just pat your head? Mineo has too much energy, I feel like I'd be tired just being around him. Takeru looks tsun as heck. Kageyuki feels like a playboy, but like the cruel ones where he uses people and tosses them aside. Is playboy even the right word? 

Anyway, don't really know who I'd pick, so I guess we'll see how the common route goes.


goemon is the middle with the red pendant

This was so hard to find but I absolutely love it to bits. I knew immediately who I was going to pick, and when I heard the voice?? Oof, take my money, Nightshade, take it all. 

So if you've guessed Hanzo, good for you because it is!! I don't even know what to tell you, I took one look and that was it. And then he spoke and well, my soul just evaporated. Gekkamaru looks like your typical leader type, cool calm collected. Kuroyuki feels like the fun type, very younger brother vibes I guess. Chojiro has the mom friend vibes, will take care of you, make sure you eat, and all that. Goemon feels like he'd do a lot of teasing, looks carefree but has a bit of a dark past? 

left to right: hanzo, chojiro, gekkamaru, kuroyuki

It's Hanzo for me. I love him so much already. I hope I don't get a bad ending.. I'd better not get the bad ending!! 

Olympia Soiree 

clockwise: himuka, kuroba, shiro, riku, akaza, yosuga

There's some clan caste? structure thing going on here, and MC is some OP being I think?

Guys, the character I liked isn't romanceable!!! I don't know what came over me, I was watching the trailer and was like AH THIS ONE IS NICE and then I sent in a order for it and then I continued watching and was like, wait a second, he's not part of the line-up. 

my fav lmao

But anyway, on to the actual characters. 

Akaza. I don't quite like his glasses, but he does give off the stoic leader vibe. A little like Hijikata, maybe? Kuroba feels really bright and cheerful, also for some reason also looks sad, like his cheeriness is a front? 

Yosuga feels like a playboy, but the kind who actually just wants to find his one true love. Riku? Tsun. Shiro is so so so so cute!!! Definitely shota vibes, and I was actually eating the same ice cream he's holding when he appeared on screen. Himuka looks like he doesn't even want to be here, wherever here is, and just wants to live his own life doing his own things?

I don't really know what to expect of this, but the reviews are pretty good so I'm excited regardless. 

Cupid Parasite 

left to right: keisaiin, gill, npc, shelby, raul, allan

This one was really really not my jam because of how bright everything was. But at the same time it was so cute and different and upbeat that I bought it anyway. 

I saw this image before I watched the trailer and yeah, well, after I placed the order I found out the character I liked is not playable. But that's OK! Let's move on.

Gill has the childhood friend trope I think? He sure looks like the blustering shy childhood friend.. Wait, but that's for BL.. Moving on to Shelby, seriously? What exactly is that name?? Shelby Snail?? I almost cried when I saw it!! But anyway, typical CEO, probably in just to marry someone so the media will get off his back. Raul feels like a wholesome himbo. Maybe it's the hair? Surfer type vibes. Keisaiin looks funky as heck. I don't even know what to make of him? He feels like a tsun but I really don't know? Allan.. I don't know too. Playboy I guess? Use and discard type maybe? 

Frankly the vibrancy is painful for me but all in all I think the plot isn't too bad! MC's an actual Cupid! 

So that's all I have lined up so far! I'm so excited for everything to arrive~~~ I was considering preordering Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani but I guess this is enough for now, whew. 

Tata for now!~

Written by: ninetylives

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