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The new Mother of all apps: Pokemon Go and related news Part One

Now I was reading some Pokemon news today and, can you believe this image is actually Pokemon related? This Bosnian signboard is from an area that still has live land mines. There are an estimate of 120,000 LIVE mines still in Bosnia. And guess what, that will not deter the crazy Pokemon fan. No casualties yet, luckily. But they had better fence up the area quick.

Pokemon Go as become THE most downloaded app in the world. People are playing it everywhere, offices, schools, and even on highways and while driving! Now I am not going to explain what the app is, because you really should just try it, even if it is to find out what the hype is about. More interesting are the crazy stories about players that are 

" Two teenagers playing Pokemon Go late at night in their car in Florida were shot at by a householder who mistook them for burglars, police say.

The man said he shot at their car after they refused to stop when he challenged them on Saturday. They were not hurt.

He said that earlier he had heard the pair say "did you get anything?"

Now this story is funny because no one got hurt. But you can easy see how they were mistaken for burglars easy. People seem to become reckless without any concern for the law. This is easily trespassing if nothing else.

In Hawthorn, Wiltshire, 4 teens had to be rescued from caves after they ventured into the Box mines there. From a local spokesperson:

"They were looking for these Pokemon creatures and surprisingly they didn't find any, but it's obviously leading people into dangerous situations, such as this, and things are likely to escalate if people are going to follow the rules of this game."

But perhaps the most infamous person right now is this teen from Pittsburg, who crossed a highway to find a Pokemon, gets hit by a car, and blames the app. When a friend shared a Facebook post, it was already filled with angry fans asking why they were not hit by a car, and that nothing excuses the lack of personal responsibility. Presumably you HAVE to get that Pokemon, even if it is at the bottom of a ravine.

Pokemon Go is really a Pandora's box of hope and horror. In the gaming world, industry watchers are already seeing it as a pioneer for the next step in gaming. There is talk of Grand Theft Auto going in this direction for example. In the legal world, the lawsuits that will come from this app will be groundbreaking by nature. And kids are risking life and limb for it. News wise this really is a Donald Trump. You know that every other day some shocking Pokemon new tidbit will show up yet again. And therefore I will label this article as Part One.

Written by Don

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2 comments to ''The new Mother of all apps: Pokemon Go and related news Part One"

  1. "News wise this really is a Donald Trump." I love this. You're so right. And the media is loving it, even if they don't really understand it.

    1. Well said. Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm.