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Has anybody already crooned their hearts out at Manekineko? A couple of friends and I finally did, but it wasn't really for the place that we had a karaoke session. Karaoke had been rotting inside all of our heads for a good eight months before any of us could eventually plan for one which everybody would be able to make it. We simply wanted to sing our dues, and when we did, Manekineko had been a wonderful host to our almost stellar performances. I'm not sure if there were anything else that could well bring out the Japanese image of the karaoke outlet other than its name and cute cat mascot. Well, my concern was merely trivial anyway. Most importantly, we had enjoyed ourselves there.

What stood out the most for me were the free-flow drink bar, party snacks and soft-serve vanilla ice-cream. I mean, we don't get those anywhere else. To be able to binge like nobody's business while trying to sound just as pleasing over the microphone had been a refreshing experience. I would so give that a second round, though it probably would be another eight months down the road before such bliss could once more touch our hearts. But honestly, we didn't exactly binge. No doubt that I had seconds and thirds, but they were all executed in sparing quantities. I didn't think that it was possible to dispense a Christmas tree into the little dessert bowl anyway.

The karaoke room was indeed spacious, comfortable and ambient of lights and background music from the widescreen television. We felt relaxed almost immediately but the free-flow stuff had kept beckoning us to scoop and dispense something for what they are worth in the heavenly premises. I decided to help myself to some vanilla ice-cream, a cute little bowl of party snacks, and a mug of slush. Okay, it was actually lemonade slush. I didn't get the name of it, but it was definitely lemonade slush. My friends also took the ice-cream. I thought that all of us did a fancy job with the soft-serve dispenser. The food had actually temporarily taken over our original intention. I had lunch though.

The karaoke system was entirely touch-screen but learning to use it was kind of challenging at first. Oh, and our original room had a faulty one so we were quickly allocated another room. Thankfully, there weren't many hiccups and we could enjoy tearing the house down with our sugar-coated voices. The ice-cream had gotten all our votes, and it was a tad tricky trying to alternate between singing our choices and furiously scooping the melting ice-cream. Mine had nearly formed a milk river. It was rather hilarious though. The songs were plentiful, across many genres and such. As mentioned, the system was a little hard to use. Frankly, I would have had preferred a remote control.

Time passed quickly when we were having fun. Three hours on a weekday afternoon, short yet happily spent with friends over karaoke and binging. Eating and drinking, I mean. We would certainly return, hopefully in another few months. Manekineko is a fairly new franchise, but it has potential down the road. If certain aspects could remain as they are, there is no doubt that the franchise would have ample opportunities to rise far and beyond.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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