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「Mobage」 Bungou Stray Dogs Mobile Game!

It's been quite some time since Bungou Stray Dogs' mobile game came out and if you are an avid fan of the series and mobile games in general, I'm sure you'd have already caught wind of it. I actually played this game within the first week of its release but unfortunately I've lost my account after and never did get back to the game, hence it took a while for me to get this post out.
First off, the game mechanics. Unlike the other types of games which I play, this isn't about music or RPG-related. Instead, this is somehow like billiards.... or a pinball kind of game.
Basically, you swipe in a direction which you want the little silver ball to go in and then nature will take it course and the ball will go in that direction and collide with the colored obstacles in its path, or with the walls, and these collisions will affect the ball's trajectory and speed.
Larger balls will need more hits to break and the larger the ball, the larger the boost it will give to cards in your team of the same color. Hence, if you break a purple ball, all purple cards in your team will get an increase while the cards of a different color will be unaffected (no increase).
In this game, there's also attributes and this is just the usual stuff, basically a reskin of the five elements that are usually featured in games. Both your own cards and enemies have one of these attributes. Make sure to tap on the enemy which you'll like to target to lock-on on them!
Occasionally, there would be these rainbow orbs which contains all five attributes and all the members on your team would get a boost!
In this game, scouting can be done via two ways, through orbs or tickets. Some tickets are simply scouting tickets which would give you any rarity from a R to a SSR while some are guaranteed SSRs.

The promo cards for the registration are Akutagawa and Atsushi, and you will also get a ton of orbs for scouting. There was a SSR guaranteed box to scout it when I started the game but I am unsure if it is still in game at the moment.
These are the rates for the scouts and it's actually quite high (3% for a SSR) and all characters in the Detective Agency has an initial SSR. Some of them (Atsushi and Doppo) have 2 SSRs (initial and Halloween) at the time when I took this screenshot.

 We also have scouting via friend points in this game as well.
To discern what your scouts give you before actually seeing the cards, you tell by the color of the moon that appears. Likewise, if a SSR appears, there would be a tagline before the card appears. 

This is the results of my guaranteed SSR scout, which is also my first scout in the game. This gave me 2 SSRs which is definitely a very good scout by my standards.
A special feature of this game would be this "room" feature as well which covers the office of the Detective Agency. Unlike Deresute, you cannot change the placement of the furniture, but you can get items from the people in the Agency. You can also upgrade various stations in order to get more items and/or items of higher rarities.

A unique feature of this game is that you can polish a stone and get rewards from it. You can polish the stone once per day and with the usage of 5 orbs, you can polish it two more times.
Of course the goal at the end is to get a rainbow-colored gem from all the polishing, which you can then exchange for a SSR guaranteed ticket!
There are six levels in total and the number of times you have to polish the orb to get from one level to the next increases with each level as well. Thus it might not be something beneficial to spend your gems on, given the high SSR rates in this game, but it might be a good additional benefit from logging in daily.
That's all I have for this game. I hope this helped you understand the game mechanics better and if what they offer is what you enjoy in a game, do check it out!

~ Reina-rin

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